Fleischeslust Meat & Treat Power Duck 200g

Code: WHT20020A

Fleischeslust Meat & Treat Power Duck 200g

Duck Meat & Treat Power Training Sausage: 200g Hydrobalanced Power Snack

Single protein - Cereal and gluten-free

Free of animal experiments, without animal meal or inferior ingredients - these are just a few points of the Meat Love purity law.

In all MEAT & TREAT Training Sausages you will find only the best meat from food production.

Gently heated and dried to preserve as many nutrients as possible.

This product has been specially developed as a healthy reward alternative for dogs with increased physical exertion. The addition of important electrolytes and amino acids supports fast regeneration of the body.


95% duck meat and offal from food production (heart, neck and liver from duck), maltodextrin, magnesium

Nutritional additives:

Lysine 400 mg, methionine/cystine 200 mg, threonine 300 mg, tryptophan 100 mg, Arginine 120 mg, Taurine 800 mg, calcium citrate 800 mg, 80 mg Vitamin E, 600 mg Vitamin C, 3 mg Vitamin B1, 6 mg Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6 2mg, 60 mg Vitamin B12, iron 24 mg, 2.5 mg copper as copper chelate, manganese as manganese chelate 3 mg, zinc as zinc chelate 3 mg

Analytical constituents:

Crude protein 12.9%, crude fat 6.8%, crude ash 1.8%, crude fiber 1.2%, moisture 71.4%

Energetic feed value:

517 kJ / 100 g

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