Felix cat foods, part of the well-known pet brand PURINA, are famous for their cute and clever kitty cat adverts and their wide range of different, delicious products. Felix products have been designed to be both delicious and nutritious for your cat, as well as both affordable and suitable to your lifestyle – whether it suits you to buy wet cat food in foil pouches or cans, or dry cat food.

The wide variety of flavours are always popular with your cat, as the sauce or jelly addition to each flavour ensures the food is succulent and tasty, and quickly gobbled down. As well as providing fully balanced meals, Felix offers naughty treats for your kitty cat, providing the best nibbles for your feline, whether you are catering to the tastes and requirements of a kitten, an adult or a mature cat.

About Felix

Any mischievous Felix of a cat deserves tasty, nutritionally satisfying cat food – that’s why cat lovers often turn to Felix. The Felix range often looks like food you could have cooked yourself for your cat, with brilliant, flavoursome combinations of meat and fish with appetising sauces and delicious jellies to keep your kitty cat licking their lips for more!

Offering a wide variety of exciting flavours and textures in various formats to suit you and your cat’s needs, Felix foods deliver 100% of your cat’s daily nutritional requirements, if fed according to Felix’s guidelines on the back of the pack.

Great, wholesome meals made with quality ingredients from Felix will keep even the fussiest feline happy, balanced with a score of balanced vitamins and minerals and a source of omega 6 fatty acids. However old your kitty is, he deserves the irresistible flavours of Felix!

The Felix range and products

Felix cat food comes in all sorts of assorted flavours and types, fitting both the tastes and the specific dietary requirements of your cat. The range is compiled of kibbles, pouches, cans and snacks across a range of flavours, as well as products suitable for kitten, adult or senior cats.

Felix food in pouches crosses the whole range, from chunks in gravy or jelly to Sensations Crunchies or Sensations Jellies, to the Doubly Delicious or As Good As It Looks range. In foil, your kitty cat can enjoy chunks in jelly, from cans, chunks in jelly or gravy, and from the snack range, Twists Treats, Crispies Treats or Goody Bag treats.

Whether it’s the meaty combinations of beef and poultry, lamb and chicken, turkey and liver and chicken and kidney or the fishy combination of saithe and salmon, herring and trout, salmon and sardine or trout and mackerel, the foods will fit both your puss’ nutritional requirements and their discerning tastes.

Buy Felix online today

Felix cat foods, part of the Purina range, come in kitten, adult and senior ranges in a whole range of different flavours to keep your puss purring loudly and proudly! Buy Felix online today in order to get the best value delivered direct; by missing out the middleman, you save on price, and also receive your order more swiftly and directly. So if Felix is the perfect choice for your feline, buy Felix today.