Eukanuba Veterinary Diets Dermatosis FP For Dogs 12kg

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Eukanuba Veterinary Diets Dermatosis FP For Dogs 12kg

Seek Veterinarian's opinion before and during the use of this product

Intended as a support of skin function in the case of dermatosis and excessive loss of hair and for the reduction of ingredient and nutrient intolerances.


Eukanuba Veterinary Diets Dermatosis FP for Dogs contains a selected protein source (fish) and carbohydrate source (potato) and a high level of essential fatty acids. The adjusted ratio of omega fatty acids helps to support a healthy skin and coat. Dermatosis FP contains a fibre blend, including clinically proven beet pulp and the prebiotics FOS which support the health of the gastrointestinal tract. For intolerances Dermatosis FP should be fed for 3 to 8 weeks: if signs of intolerance disappear this feed can be used indefinitely. For support of skin function Dermatosis FP should be fed up to 2 months. For extended use please consult your veterinarian.

In addition, these formulas provide nutrients needed to support overall health and well-being.


Selected protein (fish) and carbohydrate source (potato) in dry and can – helps avoid ingredient and nutrient intolerances.

High levels of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids at a targeted ratio – helps nutritionally soothe skin irritations, supports normal skin barrier function and maintains a glossy coat.

Beet pulp – a clinically proven moderately fermentable fibre that produces butyrate, a short-chain fatty acid, which is a preferential energy source for the cells of the large intestine. Helps maintain intestinal health and optimal stool consistency.

FOS (fructooligosaccharides) – the prebiotics fructooligosaccharides (FOS),* and clinically proven beet pulp, to maintain digestive health and support nutrient absorption.

*Dry Formula only


DentalCare System* – to help reduce tartar build-up across the whole mouth during and beyond mealtime.

Dry and canned formulas can be fed separately or mixed – to help with any reduced appetite and with no compromise of the protein (fish) and carbohydrate (potato) sources or on your dog’s management protocol.


Vitamin E – an antioxidant to support strong natural defenses.

High quality animal-based protein – vital for supporting a healthy skin and glossy coat.



Potato, fish meal, animal fat, dried beet pulp (3.9%), fish digest, dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, sodium hexametaphosphate, fructooligosaccharides (0.39%), potassium chloride.


Protein 22.0%

Fat Content 15.0%

Omega-6 fatty acids 1.70%

Omega-3 fatty acids 0.60%

Crude Ash 8.00%

Crude Fibres 1.80%

Calcium 1.15%

Phosphorus 0.85%

Vitamin A 12500IU/kg 2050IU/kg

Vitamin D3 900IU/kg 195IU/kg

Vitamin E(α-tocopherol) 200mg/kg 22mg/kg

Beet pulp 3.9%

Feeding Guidelines

Weight       Feeding (grams per day)

2kg                   45-50g

5kg                   80-90g

10kg               125-140g

20kg               200-225g

30kg               265-295g

40kg               320-355g

50kg               375-415g

60kg               420-470g

70kg               470-520g

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