Earthy Pawz Scratcher & Ball

Code: BP298826

Earthy Pawz Scratcher & Ball

Earthy Pawz is an innovative range of environmentally friendly products; made from sustainable wood, bamboo and jute (a renewable plant based product).

This hand made, small, heavy jute canvas covered scratcher, with fun Fluffy Bee springy toy and Hidden Seagrass covered Ball toy (IQ rail) is great fun and eco-friendly too. The rough jute canvas surface is great for little paws.

This sturdy scratcher is small enough to fit in most rooms, the base is also covered with canvas to help protect your floors too.

Simple self assembly is required, tools are not needed.

Though sturdy, this scratcher is not indestructible; toys should be replaced if parts become separated or if the toy becomes very chewed, worn or damaged.

Overall size 28.5 x 24.5 x 14.5 cm

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