The team at Dorwest have dedicated themselves to producing the finest possible range of dietary supplements for dogs and cats. Behind the white coats of the scientists are a group of animal lovers who have been breeding and showing for over 79 years. They have combined their passion for animals with their knowledge of herbal medicine to create products which really make a difference.

High Standards

The Dorwest range features diverse dietary supplements created from natural ingredients. They use whole plant extracts rather secondary extracts in the products to guarantee the highest quality and the supplements are all produced to pharmaceutical standards.

Dorwest Supplements at Time for Paws

With Dorwest Supplements you can ensure that your pet is always full of vitality and boasts the glossiest coat. There are supplements to improve joint condition and mobility and to correct behavioral issues. You can address hormonal imbalances and promote all-round health. Dorwest are experts in herbal pet care and we are delighted to feature a comprehensive range of Dorwest supplements in the Time for Paws range. Choose from supplements featuring evening primrose, glucosamine, garlic, kelp, fenugreek and more.

Best Foot Forward

We understand that you only want the best for your pets and that their health and condition is important to you. Dorwest herbal pet care products can be used in conjunction with a good balanced diet to provide your pets with optimal nutrition. They will never have felt so fit and looked so good!