Comfy Cone: XL

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Comfy Cone XL - 48/58cm*30cm

The Comfy Cone is a unique healing halo of love, it is soft and durable which sits comfortably on cats and dogs. It is a comfortable alternative to regular, plastic cones and has been tested and recommended by vets.

When dogs come out of surgery, it is often necessary for them to wear a cone to prevent them from licking or pulling out their stitches. Often, many owners believe that the clear plastic cone their dogs after given from the vet are uncomfortable for their pet wear. This is no longer a problem with the newComfy Cone for dogs!There are often other times when owners feel the need to place their dog in a cone such as this; for instance if their dog has skin allergies.The soft cone helps to prevent many of the problems experienced with the hard medical e-cones provided by vets - such as scraping on walls, the floor, owners legs and difficult sleeping positions and movement. With the Comfy Cone, this is not longer an issue. This cone is padded enough for this not to be an issue, allowing your dog to sleep in more comfort and your legs to remain scrape free.The veterinary approved cone can be attached with velco, making it easily adjustable, and the ripstop nylon is machine washable for improved hygiene.Elastic hoops at the bottom of the cone allow your dogs collar to be hooked through, helping to prevent the cone from slipping off.

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