The outstanding Carnilove range features grain and potato free foods for adult dogs. Highly digestible proteins together with vitamins and minerals promote excellent health. The foods contain little fat and so are ideal for dogs which need help to maintain their optimum weight.

These fine foods are formulated using wild origin meats, forest fruits, vegetables and herbs. Carnilove foods have been carefully evolved whilst considering the natural origins of dogs. The nutritional make-up of the foods mirrors that of dogs’ natural diet of whole prey. Each variety provides everything that your dog needs to remain in prime condition. Reindeer, duck, pheasant, turkey, lamb, wild boar and salmon are blended with forest fruits, wild berries and vegetables to deliver all of the vitamins and minerals that dogs require.

About Carnilove Dog Food

The Carnilove foods takes canine nutrition back to basics and to a time before dog’s diets began to resemble human ones. Nonetheless, they are manufactured using the very latest processes and technologies to ensure consistent results.

We are sure that your dog will simply adore the wonderful varieties in the Carnilove range. We are delighted to showcase these most impressive foods at Time for Paws and recommend that you give them a try. Your dog will certainly thank you!


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