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Versele-Laga Omnivore Triple Variety Sticks 160g Versele-Laga Omnivore Triple Variety Sticks 160g
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Versele-Laga Omnivore Triple Variety Sticks 160g Versele-Laga Omnivore Triple Variety Sticks 160g is a selection of 3 delicious snacks designed for omnivorous rodents like rats, mice & squirrels. The mixtures are all super sweet, chewy & tasty making them perfect for these animals. Each stick has a fragrant willow core that is great for nibbling & gnawing once the treat is finished. A variable han…
Rosewood Woodies Fruity Spinners Rosewood Woodies Fruity Spinners
10 in stock
Rosewood Woodies Fruity Spinners Rabbits and rodents love, even need, to chew wood but your customers are also looking for attractive and innovative designs. Hanging products are especially popular and our Fruity Spinners and Rainbow Mobile will brighten any pet's home and are also ideal for pet birds. Our 6cm dia Fruity Rollers and chunky 14cm 3-D Carrot offers pets a stimulating challenge. The c…
Reggie Rat Chippies 120G Reggie Rat Chippies 120G
In stock
Reggie Rat Chippies 120G At the Tiny Friends Farm in Hadleigh, Suffolk, Supreme makes delicious treats for Tiny Friends with big personalities. Tasty treats for rats, mice and other tiny friends With tasty vegetables Fresh from the bakery Yummy crunchy baked bites Made with the wholesome, tasty goodness of natural grains Reggie Rat & Mimi Mouse Chippies are tasty baked treats fresh from our bakery…

Amazing tasty treats for your pet rats

Have you considered that your rat might benefit from a few treats?

Rats are fabulous pets but whilst they are far from the most difficult animals to look after, they do have specific needs which must be met. They must certainly be provided with the correct diet. Despite their reputation as scavengers, rats will fail to thrive if not provided with the amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that they require.

Choosing the best rat treats

So, it is important to invest in Rat Foods which have been formulated specially for rats rather than those for other rodents. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t introduce variety into their lives. Healthy rat treats can provide that variety without detriment to your pet’s health and give them something tasty to nibble on.

Rat treats are also ideal for hiding around your pet’s cage to give them something to hunt for. Rats forage for food in the wild. You can help your pet to replicate this natural behaviour and provide stimulation by concealing a few treats for them to seek out.

At Time for Paws we offer a great range of healthy treats which are suitable for rats. We have chosen these from the excellent Burns Dog Food, Supreme and Beaphar ranges. The treats are tasty and add texture to your rat’s diet but do not feature the fats and sugars which can lead to obesity and ill health.

This article will give you some further insights into choosing the best rat treats


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