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Trixie Soft Rabbit Harness Assorted Colours wiith lead 60-130 cm/25 mm leash 1.20 m/15 mm Stomach circum. 25-40 cm Trixie Soft Rabbit Harness Assorted Colours wiith lead 60-130 cm/25 mm leash 1.20 m/15 mm Stomach circum. 25-40 cm
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Trixie Soft Harness with Leash made of breathable mesh material and tape leash soft harness with fully elasticated leash comfortable to wear due to soft padding extra strap with snap buckle for a good fit fully adjustable at chest and belly fast and easy to put on due to hook and loop fastener Measurements: belt: 60-130 cm/25 mm leash: 1.20 m/15 mm Stomach circum.: 25-40 cm for e.g.: large rabbits…

It's time to walk your rabbit!

You can’t walk a rabbit like you can your dog. However, a rabbit harness could come in handy for those times when you need to give your bunny a little time outdoors and you are not at home. Some rabbits will happily tolerate a harness and lead while others will be less compliant. There’s only one way to discover how your bunny will react!

How to choose the best Rabbit harness and lead?

It is vital to use a rabbit harness and not a cat or dog harness. Your rabbit will find it all too easy to escape from many harnesses and could be injured by a harness which doesn’t fit correctly. The excellent Trixie Soft Rabbit Harness would be a fabulous choice and is fashioned from breathable fabric. Padding ensures that this harness is comfy to wear and it is supplied complete with a lead.

How to harness-train your rabbit

Walking outdoors can be very stressful for rabbits as natural predators are everywhere. For this reason, it is vital to exercise patience when teaching your rabbit to walk on the lead. Allow your pet to become accustomed to wearing the harness around the house before you attempt to use it outdoors. Only introduce the leash when your bunny is clearly happy in their harness and don’t force the issue.

Choose a familiar and peaceful location for your first walk with your rabbit. Your garden would be the perfect choice as your pet will be safe from predators. Walk your bunny around the garden, never trying to force it to go anywhere when it seems resistant. Keep practising until your pet appears to be at ease. You can then undertake long car journeys knowing that you can give your pet a little exercise along the way. Try to avoid walking where there could be wild rabbits as your pet’s wild cousins could be carrying infectious diseases.

A guide to walking your rabbit

Click Here to read about advice on walking your rabbit


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