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Insect and Flea Treatment

Beaphar Insect Repellent Foam 150ml Beaphar Insect Repellent Foam 150ml
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Beaphar Insect Repellent Foam 150ml Helps to protect your pet from fleas, ticks, flies and mites. Harnessing the power of two natural ingredients, margosa extract, taken from the Neem Tree, is known for its action against these parasites. How to use Place a small amount of foam in the palm of your hand and apply all over the body of the animal, avoid area around the eyes.
Harkers Ridmite 500ml Harkers Ridmite 500ml
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Harkers Ridmite 500ml Ridmite is a non insecticidal liquid concentrate to rid mites from coops, cages, hutches and lofts Ridmite is a non insecticidal liquid concentrate to rid mites from coops, cages, hutches and lofts; and also a multi purpose concentrated cleaner, sanitizer and odour eliminator. It must be diluted with water as directed and filled into a spray bottle before spraying onto red mi…
Beaphar Fly Guard 3 Month 75ml Beaphar Fly Guard 3 Month 75ml
Beaphar Fly Guard is a veterinary medicine for preventing flystrike in rabbits and guinea pigs. Best used in early summer before flies are seen, it contains ivermectin, which kills the tiny maggots before they can cause damage. Case of 3 Active Ingredients: Ivermectin 0.5 mg/ml. Remove any faeces attached to the fur or skin before treatment and ensure cages or hutches are free from attractive, sme…

Rabbit fleas - are they a big problem?

A lot of mammals can catch fleas, tiny insects that live on them, feed on their blood, and can cause incessant itching and discomfort. Though rabbits are not exposed to fleas as often as cats and dogs, they are particularly vulnerable to them and the diseases they carry, such as myxomatosis. Having your rabbit vaccinated against the diseases that fleas can carry is the most important step in taking care of them.

However, to keep your pet rabbit free from the discomfort and itching that fleas can cause, you need to find the right flea treatment for rabbits. That’s precisely what we at Time for Paws can offer.

Our range of rabbit flea treatments

We have a selection of the top brands for protecting your rabbits from the risk of fleas. This includes Advantage products, Harkers Ridmite, Beaphar Fly Guard and Insect Repellent foam, and Johnson pest sprays. We recommend you take a closer look at each of them to find the most effective approach for your rabbit, in particular.

For instance, there are products that are rubbed on like foams, or sprayed directly on their fur. You should also take a look at how long each product lasts them for, and for what size of rabbit they’re supposed to be used on.

Yes, rabbits can get fleas; the risk that fleas pose to your rabbit

As mentioned, fleas carry a range of infectious diseases, including myxomatosis. Having your rabbit fully vaccinated can ensure that they’re protected from this most dangerous of diseases, but that’s not the only danger that fleas present.

Fleas feed off the blood of their hosts. An unmanaged infestation can see your rabbit getting drained of a lot of that vital essence, which can lead to anemia. Furthermore, fleas cause a lot of itching, and the incessant scratching can irritate and damage the skin. This can lead to problems with their coat and skin, but it can also lead to infections which can become serious, even life-threatening.

Prevention is the best cure

If your rabbit itching or chewing a lot at its lower base or the base of its tail, you should use a fine toothed flea comb to find if any of the miniscule pests are hiding it in its coat. Prevention is the best cure, but many of the flea treatments here can also treat active infestations.

Flea treatment for rabbits is designed to kill fleas on contact. Furthermore, they are designed to remain active in their coat for up to four months at a time. Besides using these treatments, don’t; forget to talk to your vet about their own recommended flea treatment program.

Let Time for Paws help you select the best rabbit flea treatment

Our bunny buddies deserve a happy, healthy life as free from discomfort and the risk of disease as possible. For that reason, we encourage you to take a close look at our range of flea treatment for rabbits. If you have any questions or need any help choosing between the different products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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