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Indoor rabbit cages and houses

Ferplast Krolik Rabbit Cage Ferplast Krolik Rabbit Cage
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Ferplast Krolik Rabbit Cage Large Krolik is the range of wire and plastic cages for rabbits featuring a particular fully knock down system. Supplied with a save space packaging, the habitat Krolik reduce transport volume as mush as possible, although giving your rabbits large living space thanks to the design of teh bottom presenting no flares.Item lengh 100cmItem width 60cmItem height 50cm
Ferplast Rabbit 100 Cage 95 X 57 X 40cm Ferplast Rabbit 100 Cage 95 X 57 X 40cm
2 in stock
Rabbit 100 New includes food bowl, water bottle, hay rack and pub shelter.New opening design allows easier access to your pet and the cage itself.

Indoor Rabbit Cages

Rabbits are traditionally housed outside, but these sociable and affectionate animals can also be wonderful house pets. Rabbits enjoy interacting with people and so can thrive when living indoors. It is easier for you to keep an eye on your pet when they are in the home and even if your rabbit usually lives outdoors, there may be times when it is beneficial for them to spend time indoors.

If your rabbit is to live inside, then you will need an appropriate cage. It is unwise to allow your rabbit to roam freely around the house unsupervised as it will chew your possessions! In addition, your home can present a hazard to your pet. Your rabbit may be tempted to chew through electrical wires and so must be kept away from these or your cables must be concealed. If you are not able to supervise your rabbit’s activity, then they should be confined to their cage.

Indoor Rabbit Cages at Time for Paws

We have chosen an outstanding collection of indoor rabbit cages from Ferplast. These are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs. They have been designed to be easy to transport and feature a knock down system. Their compact bases ensure that the cages have the smallest possible footprint whilst still offering generous living accommodation for your pet.

Rabbit Litter Trays

In the wild, rabbits create a toilet area. They should be encouraged to do this in their cage and most bunnies will learn to use a litter tray. Our corner litter trays are the perfect addition to your rabbit cage and will ensure that your pet enjoys a pleasant and hygienic environment.

Indoor rabbits benefit from greater human interaction and will enjoy a more social lifestyle. Their time indoors also enables you to more closely monitor their demeanour, weight and general health. But your home features hazards in the shape of electrical cables and other pets and so an indoor rabbit cage is an essential investment.


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