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Super Pet Critter Trail One Super Pet Critter Trail One
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Super Pet Critter Trail One Discover the CritterTrail Difference with the New and Improved CritterTrail One Level Habitat! This complete one level habitat will make your small animal friend feel right at home. The habitat features a removable petting zone for instant interaction with your pet and also doubles as a secure resting spot for your critter during cleaning. The One Level Habitat also com…

Hamster Cages

The most important accessory that you will purchase for your pet, the right hamster cage is a must-have. Keeping your pet safe, happy and comfortable, the hamster cages at Time for Paws have been carefully chosen from leading brands to provide the optimum environment for your diminutive furry friend. All you need to do is decide whether you favour a wire cage or a plastic hamster cage.

Which cage best suits your species?

It is vital to choose a cage which is suitable for your particular hamster. The cage should be large enough to afford them space to move around and to keep active as this prevents boredom. It should be well ventilated, secure and easy to clean while being deep enough to enable your pet to burrow.

Wire Hamster Cages

Wire cages feature a plastic base and wire top which is simple to remove when it is time to clean. This type of cage offers excellent ventilation but must be kept way from drafts. The wire bars should be no more than 1.25cm apart for Syrian hamsters and no more than 0.7cm apart for dwarf and Chinese hamsters. If you are not sure which breed of hamster you have or are about to buy, seek expert help as you must make the right choice between Syrian hamster cages and dwarf hamster cages. Otherwise you may find that your pet is able to escape.

Plastic hamster cages

Plastic modular cages are draft proof and more secure than wire models. Many enable you to add further compartments, but these additions may be poorly ventilated, causing condensation. The more compartments you feature, the more time it will take to clean the cage. But a large hamster cage or multiple compartments will offer your hamster an enhanced lifestyle. Tubes and small compartments are unsuitable for pregnant hamsters and you should ensure that your pet cannot fall from raised platforms.

The perfect hamster cage at the right price

You will find an outstanding cage at Time for paws, whatever breed of hamster you have chosen. Our large hamster cages and dwarf hamster cages provide living spaces which are tailored to your pet’s requirements. Our cheap hamster cages ensure you will find a style within your budget. Hamsters may be small, but they have specific needs which must be met and not all cages are born equal.


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