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Let your Guinea Pig workout!

Help your guinea pig to satisfy their sense of adventure with a safe and durable guinea pig run! Our metal styles from Harrisons keep your pet secure while they exercise. Whether you are looking for an indoor guinea pig run or a guinea pig outdoor run, you will discover the perfect choice in the Time for Paws range.

Why do you need a Guinea Pig run?

Your furry friend requires regular exercise to remain in good health. A run will enable them to move about and explore without the risk of escaping or being attacked by predators. Your pet will burn off any excess fat and so will be less liable to become obese and that exercise is also a great boredom buster. Guinea pigs boast an adventurous side and you can ensure that your pet enjoys life to the max by placing toys and obstacles in their run. They can chew on grass as they move around, improving their gut health into the bargain.

Where should you locate your outdoor or indoor guinea pig run?

Your guinea pig pen should be placed on a soft surface as your pet’s small feet may be damaged by rough ground. Your lawn is the perfect place for your pet to explore in the summer but the run should be placed out of direct sunlight. If you can’t find a shady spot that is large enough for the run, try to locate it at least partly in the shade.

Find an area of even ground on which to position the run, otherwise their may be gaps under the frame which are large enough to allow your pet to escape. Moving the run around the garden throughout the warmer months will ensure that your pig has fresh grass to eat and will not create bald patches on your lawn.

If you benefit from sufficient space, you can use your run inside during the winter when it is too cold outside for your guinea pig. A soft, carpeted area would be ideal for the run, but if your home features hard floors, you can cover an area of a room with a blanket or some old towels.

How much exercise your Guinea Pigs needs

Here's a fantastic resource concerning How Much Exercise your Guinea Pigs Needs


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