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Chinchilla & Degu Food

Charnwood Chinchilla Pellets [Breeding & Active]: 20kg Charnwood Chinchilla Pellets [Breeding & Active]: 20kg
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Charnwood Chinchilla Pellets (Breeding & Active) 20kg Protein 20.1% Oil 4.0% Fibre 12.4% Ash 7.6% DE 11.3mj/kg as fed. The considerable time spent in researching the needs of Chinchillas, both as far as nutrition and their eating preferences are concerned, has resulted in this widely acclaimed diet. This is a top quality, highly palatable feed for growing and active Chinchillas
Mr Johnsons Supreme Chinchilla And Degu Pellet 900g Mr Johnsons Supreme Chinchilla And Degu Pellet 900g
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Mr Johnson's Supreme Chinchilla And Degu Mix 900g Mr Johnson's Supreme CHINCHILLA AND DEGU FOOD is a nutritious and wholesome pellet - supplying your pet with a tasty, healthy food high in fibre to aid the normal digestive function and to help with dental wear. Chinchillas & Degu’s require a diet high in indigestible fibre, low in sugar and fat. Mr Johnson’s Supreme CHINCHILLA & DEGU FOOD is a com…
Supreme Science Selective Degu 1.5kg Supreme Science Selective Degu 1.5kg
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Supreme Science Selective Degu 1.5kg A balanced diet with broccoli & basil, formulated to meet the special nutritional needs of degus. This carefully-chosen blend of high quality ingredients is designed to mimic the natural diet of a degu. Degus need a very low fat diet and high levels of vitamin C, together with high quality fibre to aid healthy digestion and to promote dental wear. Broccoli and…
Charlie Chinchilla Tasty Mix: 12.5kg Charlie Chinchilla Tasty Mix: 12.5kg
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Charlie Chinchilla Tasty Mix 12.5kg A nutritionally balanced, tasty mix for chinchillas At the Tiny Friends Farm in Hadleigh, Suffolk, Supreme believes that the very best food should be nutritious as well as ohh so delicious. Our food encourages natural foraging, and is perfect for tiny friends with big personalities. Encourages natural foraging Best ever taste – no added sugar Added linseed for h…
Burgess Excel Chinchilla Nuggets 1.5kg Burgess Excel Chinchilla Nuggets 1.5kg
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Burgess Excel Chinchilla Nuggets 1.5kg A delicious, complementary food for chinchillas that is high in fibre and rich in vitamins & nutrients to help keep them in tip top health. Naturally high in Beneficial Fibre (36%) Prevents selective feeding Vitamin C for healthy skin, coat and gums Vitamin A to maintain healthy eyesight Vitamin E to maintain a healthy immune system Suitable for: Chinchillas…
Rosewood Meadow Menu Chinchilla/Degu 2kg Rosewood Meadow Menu Chinchilla/Degu 2kg
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Rosewood Meadow Menu Chinchilla/Degu 2kg Grain free and closer to nature with only 100% natural and beneficial ingredients. Contains no cereals, added sugar, GM or salt. 100% vegetarian Made from over 40 meadow grasses, plants, vegetable and beneficial seeds cold pressed to retain nutrients Formed into unique Quad-shaped pieces to stop selective feeding Fibre rich and designed to support tooth abr…
Supreme Science Selective Chinchilla: 1.5kg Supreme Science Selective Chinchilla: 1.5kg
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Supreme Science Selective Chinchilla 1.5kg This balanced diet for chinchillas has tasty parsley, plantain and linseed for healthy, shiny coats. The high fibre levels are very important for a chinchilla’s digestive system and also help to wear down continually growing teeth. Fat levels are very low because chinchillas can easily become overweight. Linseed is another important ingredient to ensure t…
Vitakraft Degus Food 600g Vitakraft Degus Food 600g
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Vitakraft Degus Food 600g Degus Menu contains a healthy proportion of raw fibre ensuring a longer chewing time, helping a degus with necessary abrasion of rodent teeth. The addition of crude fibre also aids digestion and ensures a healthy metabolism. With plenty of essential vitamins and minerals it help sot prevent deficiency symptoms and provides an extra boost of vitality. With valuable grain a…
Beaphar Care Plus For Chinchilla 1.5kg Beaphar Care Plus For Chinchilla 1.5kg new
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Beaphar Care Plus For Chinchilla 1.5kg Beaphar CARE+ Chinchilla is a very tasty, super premium complete feed. Every pellet has the same composition, so selective feeding will be prevented.
Versele-Laga Nature Degu 700g Versele-Laga Nature Degu 700g
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Versele-Laga Nature Degu 700g Varied, high-fibre mixture for degus Cereal-free composition with extra vegetables full of vitamins and minerals Varied, high-fibre mixture full of grasses, herbs and vegetables Without added sugars for these sensitive animals Composition Derivatives of vegetable origin (timothy, grasses and herbs 22%), vegetables (green peas 14.2%, yellow peas 4%, parsnip 3.5%, leek…

Choosing the best chinchilla & degu food

It is vital that your chinchilla receives the correct diet. Chinchillas will soon become ill and can suffer severe dental problems if they receive the wrong food. A constant supply of hay is essential together with fresh water. The hay should be supplemented by grass-based pellets which have been formulated for chinchillas.

At Time for Paws we have an excellent selection of chinchilla pellets for you to choose from. All our chinchilla pellets are of the highest quality and have been selected from the leading brands including Charnwood, Supreme Pet Foods, Beaphar and Tiny Friends. These are the experts that you know will always produce carefully conceived feeds that offer balanced nutrition for your pet.

Do be aware that chinchillas naturally eat for long periods of time and mainly during the night. If given the correct food, they will generally maintain a good weight, but inappropriate foods and treats will soon see them become obese or succumb to illness. You should try to avoid sudden changes to their diet and check every day to ensure that they have been eating and that they are passing plenty of droppings.

Don’t be alarmed if you see your chinchilla eating their own droppings. They pass two forms of dropping – hard pellets and softer moist pellets which they eat, and which are an essential element of their diet.


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