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Chinchilla Dust 20kg Chinchilla Dust 20kg
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Chinchilla Dust 20kg Made from fine particles of natural sepiolite, chinchilla dust is specifically designed to cover and treat hair effectively, absorbing water and grease to keep the skin dry, healthy and free from impurities. The simplest way to clean, condition and revitalise chinchilla fur.
Trixie bath for Chinchillas and Degus Silver and Green 27 x 18 x 16cm Trixie bath for Chinchillas and Degus Silver and Green 27 x 18 x 16cm
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Trixie bath for Chinchillas and Degus 27 x 18 x 16cm Sand Bath plastic for claw and body care for a smooth coat creates an animal-friendly living space delivery without sand Measurements: 27 × 18 × 16 cm for e.g.: , degus Height: 18 cm Colour: silver/green

About Chinchilla Sand

Did you know that dust baths are essential for chinchillas and even degus? Taking a dust bath is one of their natural behaviours and necessary for a clean and lush coat. You can treat your pet to a chinchilla dust bath and chinchilla sand here at Time for Paws. Your furry friend will be in seventh heaven when they are flipping in the dust.

Only chinchilla dust will do

Our Chinchilla baths are the perfect size for your pets and prevent them from flinging the dust all over your home. All you need to do is fill the bath with chinchilla dust and then marvel at the action. The dust will penetrate your chinchilla’s coat and then absorb oil and dirt to keep their fur wonderfully pristine

You should only use proprietary chinchilla dust in the bath as it mimics the native habitat of your fascinating pet. In the wild, chinchillas use volcanic pumice to bathe in and other materials just won’t work in the same way. It’s important to ensure that you provide your pet with chinchilla sand to a depth of at least 5cm, so that they have enough to roll in.

Chinchilla dust bath schedules

Our chinchilla dust baths should not be left in the cage indefinitely. It’s best to offer your pet a bath a couple of times each week and this should be in the evening when chinchillas are most active. Allow your pet to bath for 10 to 15 minutes and then remove the bath. If the condition of your pet’s fur begins to deteriorate, give them a bath more frequently. You should also increase the frequency of baths in hot weather but if your pet’s skin becomes dry and flaky, reduce the number of bathing opportunities.

Chinchillas are amazing and adorable creatures, but they require special care in order to remain fit and healthy. The unique demands of caring for a chinchilla needn’t be a chore. You will love watching your pet wallowing in the dust and feeling that it is really great to be a chinchilla.

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