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Puppy Shampoo

Animology Puppy Fresh Refreshing Spray 250ml Animology Puppy Fresh Refreshing Spray 250ml
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Animology Puppy Fresh Refreshing Spray 250ml Puppy Fresh is a refreshing spray infused with our ‘puppy scent’. Enriched with vitamins and conditioners, it helps to keep your puppy’s coat clean and healthy. Instead of masking the odour, it combats the cause and removes it. It is also a no-rinse spray, which is ideal for a quick fix in between washes
Animology Puppy Love Shampoo 250ml Animology Puppy Love Shampoo 250ml
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Animology Puppy Love Shampoo 250ml A new puppy is your bundle of joy but the fact they are into everything means they’re going to get messy! Our gentle Puppy Love shampoo is suitable for all dogs from just six weeks old and our ‘puppy’ scent will leave them smelling gorgeous. With over 5 million bottles sold in more than 45 countries Animology is the multi-award winning brand that is trusted by pe…
Johnsons Puppy & Kitten Shampoo 200ml Johnsons Puppy & Kitten Shampoo 200ml
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This mild, non-irritant shampoo has been specially formulated for delicate skin. It will beautify the coat and is suitable for all breeds.
Pet Head Mucky Pup Conditioner 250ml Pet Head Mucky Pup Conditioner 250ml
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Pet Head Dogs Bff Tangle Fix 450ml Detangling Spray. No more terrible tangles! Spray on a dry coat, for tangle free smooth and shiny fur! Effectively detangle knots and tame fly-aways while conditioning the skin.
Pet Head Mucky Pup Puppy Spray 300ml Pet Head Mucky Pup Puppy Spray 300ml
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Pet Head Mucky Pup Puppy Spray 300ml Get that mucky pup smelling sweet! This mild puppy spray gently spruces up those playful pups, leaving coats sweet-smelling and smooth to the touch.
Pet Head Mucky Pup Shampoo 300ml Pet Head Mucky Pup Shampoo 300ml
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Pet Head Mucky Pup Shampoo 300ml Feel the puppy love! Perfect for those first baths and tiny paws. Our gentle combination of chamomile and pear seed oil lovingly nourishes, leaving your pup's skin even more huggably soft.
Wahl Mucky Puppy Shampoo 250ml Wahl Mucky Puppy Shampoo 250ml
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Wahl Mucky Puppy Shampoo 250ml Mucky Puppy Shampoo is a ready to use gentle cleansing shampoo specially formulated to be extremely gentle on your animal’s coat, whilst leaving it clean and easy to brush. Suitable for use with all animal hair types.

If you have a puppy, you are inevitably going to have to give them a wash every once in a while. The phrase “mucky pup” is commonly used for good reason - little pooches tend to love getting themselves into messy situations that require a fair bit of clean up. Whether that’s house training, rolling in mud, walking in the rain or a whole host of other situations. Now, washing your puppy is likely to be a lot easier said than done. First, you will have to learn a little about your dog to make sure that you are grooming them regularly enough and in a proper manner. Secondly, you must find the right products to suit their individual needs. Let us take a moment to run through this information!

Learning Your puppies Needs and Requirements

Different breeds of dog have different types of fur or hair and consequently have different bathing requirements. Some breeds shed, meaning that their hair falls out and regenerates. This means that they consequently do not need to be bathed as often, as older dirty hair sheds out and fresh new hair grows through on a regular basis. This means they do not need to be bathed as often as breeds who do not shed, and whose fur or hair consequently builds up dirt over time. Other factors that can impact how often your dog needs to be bathed include how much time they spend outside (working dogs who are out in the fields all day tend to require more regular bathing than toy dogs who only head out for a short walk once a day), whether they emit a natural odour (some breeds are naturally “smellier” than others) and whether your pooch has any skin allergies (dogs with skin allergies may require more regular bathing to apply skin treatments). Generally speaking, it’s best to check in with your vet for recommendations on how regularly your dog needs to be washed.

Keep your pup smelling amazing with our range of puppy shampoos

Is there truly anything more fun than trying to bathe a puppy? Excitable little creatures, they bound and shake and bark their way through a wash while secretly loving the feeling of the water on their skin. Puppy shampoo is an important part of the puppy grooming process, and choosing the right one is so important for their delicate skin and coat. Did you know that many puppies have allergies? It’s something to consider before you break out the new shampoo!

Hypoallergenic, Natural and flea shampoo for puppies

Puppy grooming isn’t the same as adult dogs, as they are not used to the sensation of the water. Their skin is also very easily irritated and so cannot be too wet or scrubbed. Regular dog shampoo won’t make the cut when it’s a puppy you’re bathing, but with the right product at Time For Paws, bathtime can be a calm bonding experience.

From the Pet Head Puppy Fun Tearless Shampoo to the Animology Puppy Love Shampoo, Time For Paws has options. Both options are gentle on the skin, smells fantastic and will leave your puppy sleek and shiny with a healthy coat. It’s important that you choose the right puppy shampoo, so have a look for flea shampoo for puppies, too. These are going to be important in those early days!

Looking for the best puppy shampoo?

Study the ingredients and the offerings carefully when you are choosing puppy shampoo. They’re designed to clean - not to avoid irritation. Look for words like “sensitive” and “gentle” and you’re on the right path. Time For Paws has an excellent range, perfect for any puppy and their first bath.

Choosing the Right Puppy Shampoo

There are countless dog shampoos out there, so it is a good idea to browse a few different options before settling on the best puppy shampoo for your pooch’s individual needs and requirements. This will help to make sure you make the right choice. Puppy shampoos are typically gentler on your pup’s skin and often have no-tear formulas in case they get into your pup’s eyes. We would recommend products like:

  • M Pets Puppy Shampoo
  • Johnson’s Puppy and Kitten Shampoo
  • Wahl Mucky Puppy Shampoo
  • Animology Puppy Love Shampoo
  • Frontline Pet Care Puppy and Kitten Shampoo

You can also get puppy dry shampoo for when your pup just needs a quick freshen up. We would recommend:

  • Animology Mucky Pup No Rinse Shampoo

So, there you have it. Make sure to check in on your pet’s grooming requirements with your vet and ensure you are giving them a wash as frequently as necessary. You can also give them a gentle wash each time they happen to get into a mess! Be gentle and towel dry them after! Remember to make sure your puppy is always supervised around water too!

Have a read of this article about giving your puppy a bath.


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