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Kitten Toys

KONG Kitten Catnip Teddy Bear KONG Kitten Catnip Teddy Bear new
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Kong Catnip Kitten Teddy Bear KONG refillable cat toys use top quality North American catnip and feature a special compartment that may be opened and closed so that fresh catnip can be added again and again.
KONG Kitten Kickeroo KONG Kitten Kickeroo
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Kong Kitten Kickeroo Watch your cat attack, wrestle and snuggle with its KONG Kitten Kickeroo. This unique toy appeals to a cat’s instinctive desire to stalk and capture prey. The Kickeroo’s size, shape and material were specially chosen to promote wrestling and hind-paw kicking. The fluffy tail provides movement for extra excitement. The Kitten Kickeroo contains KONG’s potent North American catni…
KONG Kitten Toy Chirpz Chick KONG Kitten Toy Chirpz Chick
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KONG Kitten Toy Chirpz Chick KONG Kitten Chirpz Chick’s motion-activated sound chip calls your kitten to play with an irresistible song, kicking off kitty’s curiosity and natural instincts for chasing and pouncing. Sized down for smaller kitten paws, this Chick is made for batting with floppy legs and tail feathers that flail when flung to add to the excitement while premium KONG North American Ca…

What are Kitten Toys?

When we think of pets and toys, our minds tend to automatically jump to puppies and dogs. This is because dogs tend to be much more playful and interactive pets than cats. They like to play anc actively seek out interaction with their owners on a regular basis, meaning that you will often see dogs playing with a whole host of toys. Some dogs have a favourite teddy bear or stuffed toy. Some dogs like playing with balls and frisbees. Some dogs like chew toys. Some dogs like pull rope toys. Then there are educational toys which encourage dogs to solve puzzles in exchange for treats. But if you have a cat, you may be wondering, do cats need toys too? The short answer is that many cats also like toys of various shapes and sizes. While they may often be more independent than dogs and will generally choose when they like to play themselves, they still enjoy the range of activities and different textures provided by different toys! Here’s some more information to help you find the right toy for your cat!

Introducing Kitten Toys

Introduce toys to your cat slowly. If you have a kitten, this may be a little easier, as they are still learning about the world and are more willing to engage with things they have not tried out before. If you have adopted an older cat, however, you may find it useful to rub the toy with a little catnip to catch your feline friend’s attention.

Types of Play Cats Enjoy

So, what are the best kitten toys and cat toys? Cats are natural hunters, so they tend to enjoy chasing and capturing small, prey-sized toys in games that mimic hunting. Toys that can move in rapid and unpredictable ways, or toys that you can move in rapid and predictable ways tend to be a firm favourite amongst many cats of all shapes and sizes. Some good options include fishing rod type toys (where you tease your cat with a prey like ball or shaped fabric using a stick), lasers (though you should make sure never to shine these in your cat’s eyes), small kitten soft toys shaped like mice or fish and small cat balls.

The Benefits of Playing for kittens:

There are plenty of benefits that come hand in hand with play for both you and your cat. You get the entertainment of seeing your cat enjoy themselves. Your cat can develop better movement and coordination. If you have more than one cat, playing can help to develop their social skills and encourage them to build bonds with their kitty friends. Play can also provide an outlet for cats’ predatory instincts, discouraging them from roaming to find real life prey. Finally, you can also get kitten teething toys to help young kittens through the teething process.

Play really is great for cats, no matter what breed, shape, or size. So, why not invest in some toys and see how your cat takes to them? Remember, like people, all cats will have different preferences. So, it may take some trial and error before you find their favourite toy. But once you do, you are all set for a lifetime of fun play with your cat!


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