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Kitten Milk

Toplife Kitten Milk 18 x 200ml Toplife Kitten Milk 18 x 200ml
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TopLife Milk for Kittens is a delicious daily treat for your furry friend made from highly digestible, goats milk. Weve added vitamin C and vitamin E which gives your kitten an extra bit of support during those early weeks and months when their immune system is fragile. Plus, with added Taurine to maintain healthy eyes, the refreshing treat is a fantastic way to complement your kittens diet, givin…
Whiskas Cat Milk 200ml Pack of 3 Whiskas Cat Milk 200ml Pack of 3
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Whiskas Cat Milk 200ml Pack of 3 Whiskas Cat Milk is not only super tasty, it contains considerably less lactose than regular cows milk, which some cats find hard to digest. Furthermore, this product has been developed by top nutritionists and vets and is nutritionally beneficial for cats, containing bone strengthening calcium and protein. So sit back and watch your cat lap up every single drop.

The best Kitten Milk you can buy!

Decades of cartoons have taught us that cats simply love milk and cream. But is this really the case? Increasing knowledge around cats, their wellbeing and their dietary requirements is drawing more of us to question whether this stereotype is actually any good for our feline friends. Chances are, if you have fed your cat any milk or cream lately, they have ended up with some sort of stomach upset. Perhaps they were sick or maybe they displayed discomfort and experienced diarrhoea. This is expected, as believe it or not, the vast majority of cats are lactose intolerant. Cats lack the enzyme lactase, meaning that they can’t digest the lactose in cow’s milk and the lactose consequently sits in their digestive tract, unable to easily move along, causing gasiness, stomach cramps, bloating and even sickness or diarrhoea. But what should you feed a kitten who has just been weaned from their mother? Let us take a moment to find out.

Never Feed a Kitten Cow’s Milk

As we have highlighted above, drinking cow’s milk can cause all sorts of digestive issues for your cat. But the consequences do tend to be relatively small in comparison to feeding milk to a kitten. While an adult cat’s body is a little stronger, kitten’s bodies are smaller and weaker. If you feed cow’s milk to your kitten, their bodies will go through the same process as an adult cat’s, but diarrhoea is much more dangerous for a kitten. If your kitten has diarrhoea, you need to take them to the vet’s immediately, as it could cause potentially fatal dehydration. As you can imagine, the answer to “can kittens drink milk” should always be no in regard to regular milk that humans drink.

About Kitten Milk

Very young kittens will drink their mother’s milk until they are weaned. This contains all the nutrition they require to get a good start in life and develop well. From around four weeks of age, they will begin to try and explore more solid foods alongside their mother’s milk until they are fully weaned. As young kittens begin the weaning process, they should also have a constant supply of fresh, clean water as wellas their mother’s milk.

When young, orphaned kittens are found, there are a variety of specialist kitten formula milks available from vets and other specialists. This is specially designed to closely replicate the milk that a cat produces to provide a kitten with the right balance of vitamins and nutrients to grow and thrive.

This, of course, should not be mixed up with kitten milk that is available from a variety of pet stores. This milk is not from a cat. Instead, it will often be modified cow’s or goat’s milk that has been created as a treat for cats. The developers of this kind of milk minimise the amount of lactose present in the treat and fortify it with vitamins and minerals. There is specialist “kitten milk” treats available and these can potentially give your kitten a little extra support once they have been fully weaned from their mother’s milk or cat milk formula. This may also be referred to as “kitten milk replacer” but should not replace the mother’s milk or milk formula before the age of four weeks.

If you are going to buy kitten milk, we would recommend Toplife Kitten Milk! Make sure to read the instructions and check with your vet if you have any questions or doubts.


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