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Kitten Collars

Ancol Luxury Kitten Stars Collar Ancol Luxury Kitten Stars Collar
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Ancol Star Safety Kitten Collar Perfectly sized for kittens -With star pattern and dangling gem -Available in black and pink -Break-away buckle to allow your cat an easy escape if they get caught whilst climbing -Warning bell to help protect wildlife. Important: Ensure that you can get two fingers between your cat and the collar for safety and comfort. Please remove the collar when using liquid fl…

Why Give Your kitten a Collar?

The thought of pet collars tends to automatically bring dogs to mind. For dogs, wearing a collar is a legal requirement. By law, if you have a dog, you need to make sure not only that they are wearing a collar, but that this collar has your contact details on too. This is to ensure that if your dog is lost and found, they can be identified as owned and you can be contacted to collect them. However, with kitten, this is not legally necessary. Many kittens start to can roam the streets freely, as they are a little more independent, less likely to cause trouble or damage and more likely to return home by themselves. However, you should still seriously consider giving your kitten a collar. Here is some further information on why and how to choose the right collar.

The main reason to give your kitten a collar is to make sure others know your kitten has a home and is not a stray. Any seasoned kitten owner will know that most kitten s will roam around when let outside and potentially go to other houses in search of extra food or treats. If someone treats your kitten, they are likely to return time and time again. If your kitten has a collar, the other person will know they have a home. If your kitten does not, they may think your kitten is a stray and adopt them.

Some collars have bells on, which can make hunting more difficult for your kitten and reducing the number of prey animals they bring home. The bell will alert birds, mice, rats, and other prey animals that your kitten is nearby, allowing them to flee before your kitten can catch them. This is good for you and good for wildlife. You can get a kitten collar with bell to get your kitten used to the bell’s presence from a young age.

Choosing the Right Collar

There are, of course, countless different collars on the market for various types of kitten s. Consider the following factors before purchasing any single one.


First and foremost, your collar needs to fit your kitten well. Too big and they will slide out of it, too small and it could prove extremely dangerous, potentially suffocating your kitten. Your best bet is to measure your kitten ’s neck. There are several kitten collars available on the market, as well as different sizes for different adult kitten s. The right fit for a collar allows two fingers to slide between your kitten ’s neck and their collar.

Safety collars

If you are buying a collar, make sure it is a safety collar. This will ensure that when your kitten is out and about, they will not become entangled or snagged on anything, which could potentially result in injuries or strangulation. Safety collars have a breakaway release if your kitten does become trapped.

Avoid collars with elastic inserts

Always choose a breakaway collar rather than one with an elastic insert. Sure, the elastic insert could stretch, releasing your kitten from their entanglement and preventing loss of the collar, but vets have seen awful injuries caused by kitten s getting their front leg trapped in these sorts of collars.

Your kitten really should be wearing a collar for their own safety. So, browse your options and opt on the right one for you and your kitten’s needs.


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