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Dog Treats

Pedigree Dentastix Pedigree Dentastix
£8.99 - £9.49
In stock
Pedigree Dentastix The patented cross shape of Pedigree Dentastix ensures that these treats are optimally designed to promote the oral health of your dog. Clinically proven to reduce both the build-up of plaque and tartar by up to 50%, they clean right up to the gum line. This x-shaped snack is also chewy, textured and flavoursome, ensuring that they remain a treat for your pooch as well as for hi…
Hollings Meat & Bone Meal 4kg Hollings Meat & Bone Meal 4kg
In stock
Hollings Meat & Bone Meal 4kg Hollings meat and bone mela is fully Sterilised and ideal For Bitches, Puppies And Growing Dogs.
Pedigree Fresh Dentastix Pedigree Fresh Dentastix
£4.99 - £7.99
In stock
PEDIGREE� DentaStix� Fresh is designed to be chewed for long enough to be effective. Its gently abrasive texture, combined with active ingredients that work with your dogs saliva, helps reduce the build-up of plaque and tartar. The added Green Tea Extract and Eucalyptus Oil also freshen breath, but its not just the dental benefits that you can feel good about. Your dog may not be able to tell you…
Bonio Meaty Chip Bitesize 400g Bonio Meaty Chip Bitesize 400g
In stock
Bonio Dog Biscuit Meaty Chip Bitesize 400g Perfectly proportioned for little mouths, bonio Meaty Chip Bitesize offers the nutritional benefits of bonio biscuits, but with the added bonus of yummy, meaty pieces! They're low in fat, too! Feeding Instructions: bonio biscuits are a complementary pet food for adult dogs. Daily feeding amount up to: Approx. adult body weight         Number of biscuits 7…
Bonio Dog Biscuit The Original Bonio Dog Biscuit The Original
£3.09 - £35.49
In stock
Bonio Dog Biscuit The Original. Oven baked and made from a selection of wholesome, nutritious ingredients. Enriched with vitamins and minerals and with the crunchy oven baked texture, bonio helps to keep your dog's teeth and gums healthy. Keeping tails wagging! Available in: 1.2kg, 12.5kg boxes Feeding Instructions: bonio biscuits are a complementary pet food for adult dogs Daily feeding amount up…
Hollings Fish Bites 75G Hollings Fish Bites 75G
In stock
Hollings Fish Bites 75G 100% natural, healthy & nutritious. Made from 100% Fresh Fish. Sourced responsibly from within EU Waters and manufactured in the UK ensuring that they are wheat, soya, dairy & gluten free, Artificial Preservative Free, Colouring Free, Hypo-allergenic and Additive Free Can be given as a treat or reward. Can help with Skin & Coat Condition, Joint Mobility, Digestion & Gut Hea…
Hollings Tripe Sticks Hollings Tripe Sticks
£1.99 - £27.99
In stock
Hollings Tripe Sticks Hollings Tripe sticks are an original, tasty and healthy treat for your dog. Made from fresh tripe,Tripe Sticks contain no cereals, fish, soya,milk products, sugar or added salt. WHEAT GLUTEN FREE / ADDITIVE FREE - No added colours or preservatives. INGREDIENTS: Cooked and dried tripe. Protein: 64 %Oil: 25 %Fibre: 4 %Ash: 3.6 % FEEDING GUIDE Feed at any time as a treat or rew…
Hollings Paddywack Hollings Paddywack
£2.49 - £45.99
In stock
Hollings Paddywack Hollings Paddywack is a great reward treat for dogs of any age and size.
Natures Menu Mini Dog Treats 60g Natures Menu Mini Dog Treats 60g sale
In stock
Natures Menu Mini Dog Treats 60g Treating your dog needn’t be a guilty pleasure! Our range of natural treats for dogs are made with human grade meat and packed full of all the usual Natures Menu goodness. Choose from our 95% meat treats for dogs.
Yakers 100% Natural Dog Chews Medium Yakers 100% Natural Dog Chews Medium
In stock
Yakers Dog Chew Medium They’ll love the taste. You’ll love how long it lasts What are YAKERS made from? YAKERS are made from cheese that comes from a blend of Yak and Cow milk. The cheese is vegetarian as the only ingredients are milk, with the smallest amount of Lime Juice and Salt to help turn the milk into cheese. How are YAKERS made? YAKERS find their origin in the hills of the Himalayas. Orig…
Burns Oatie Bites Weight Control Treats 200g Burns Oatie Bites Weight Control Treats 200g
In stock
Burns Oatie Bites Weight Control Treats 200g Packed with apple, chamomile and oats, these low calorie dog treats are extra filling and extra tasty. Oatie Bites are high in fibre and low in fat, making them perfect for super hungry hounds and a great compliment to our Weight Control range. Product Benefits Use Alongside a Weight Control Plan or as a Lower Calorie Treat Based on our award-winning We…
Hollings Chicken Sausage 3 Pack Hollings Chicken Sausage 3 Pack
In stock
A great new flavours of Sausage - Chicken
Hollings Filled Bone Hollings Filled Bone
In stock
Always ensure there is plenty of fresh water is available.CompositionBeef bone, venison meal, wheat, fats and oils.Analytical ConstituentsProtein 22%Oils and fats 19%Crude fibre 3%Crude ash 4%Moisture 7%
Pedigree Jumbone 180g Pedigree Jumbone 180g
In stock
Pedigree Jumbone Delicious, low-fat dog treat chews - PEDIGREE® JUMBONE™ treats cleverly combine a tough chewy outer with a succulent, tasty centre. Chewy dog treats with less than 5% fat / 100g Dog training treats with Omega 3 to help keep them fit for life Dog treats for training with Vitamin E to help support natural defences Treats for dogs with minerals including Calcium to help keep bones st…
Tribal Dog Treats 130G Tribal Dog Treats 130G
In stock
Tribal Dog Treats These oven baked biscuits are made with natural ingredients and contain no nasties.
Vitakraft Beef Stick 12G Vitakraft Beef Stick 12G
In stock
Vitakraft Beef Stick 12g A Vitakraft Beef-Stick® is easy to beat each dogs heart beat faster! The original under the meat sticks convinced large and small pets alike - through the unique, savory taste, absolutely delicious smell and an extra high meat content. Perfect for pampering, rewarding or just as a snack in between! Particularly practical: the fresh sealed tear off the Beef-Stick® is also i…
Hollings Dried Liver 100G Hollings Dried Liver 100G
In stock
Hollings Dried Liver 100G Chunks Of Real Liver. Ideal as A Training Treat.
Hollings Pure Beef Sticks (Pack Of 5) Hollings Pure Beef Sticks (Pack Of 5)
In stock
Hollings Pure Beef Sticks (Pack Of 5) A natural treat or reward that is natural and excellent for joint care.Composition Beef Analytical Constituents Protein 46% Crude Fibre 0.5% Oils and fats 21% Crude Ash 8% Moisture 7%
Bonio Dog Biscuit Chicken Flavour 1.2kg Bonio Dog Biscuit Chicken Flavour 1.2kg
In stock
Bonio with Chicken 1.2kg Another mouth-watering variation on bonio original, this time with the delicious flavour of chicken! Enriched with vitamins and minerals and with the crunchy oven baked texture, bonio helps to keep your dog's teeth and gums healthy. Keeping tails wagging! Feeding Instructions: Bonio biscuits are a complementary pet food for dogs. Daily feeding amount up to: Approx. adult b…
Wild Antler Company Antler Chew For Dogs Wild Antler Company Antler Chew For Dogs
£8.99 - £14.99
In stock
Wild Antler Company Antler Chew For Dogs 100% completely natural seasonal product Pure, durable, animal- and environmentally friendly Rich in calcium and other minerals An attractive scent for the dog Tough and hard, long lasting and does not splinter Hypo-allergenic and free of gluten Does not get slimy or sticky when being chewed on
Arden Grange Crunchy Bites 225g Arden Grange Crunchy Bites 225g
In stock
Arden Grange Crunchy Bites Dog Treats 225g Recommended for: Dogs in training Dogs who deserve a healthy treat Nutritional Information: Arden Grange CRUNCHY BITES are a really tasty treat that dogs can eat between meals without ruining their appetites. Crunchy Bites are hypoallergenic and free from wheat gluten, dairy products, beef and soya. They contain no artificial colourings, flavourings and p…
Hollings Pigs Ear Strips 500g Hollings Pigs Ear Strips 500g
In stock
Hollings Pig Ear Strips 500Gm These pigs ear strips are a canine favourite. Hollings pigs ears are 100% natural and suitable as a treat, reward or training aid for your dog.These pigs ear strips are trimmed and dried to the highest standard, bacteria tested and quality checked. Composition: Pork Analytical Constituents: Protein 67%Crude Fibre 3%Oils and Fats 25%Crude Ash 3%Moisture 5%
Mcchew Assorted Munchy Chews 5 inch x 9-10mm (Pack of 100) Mcchew Assorted Munchy Chews 5 inch x 9-10mm (Pack of 100)
In stock
Mcchew Assorted Munchy Chews 5 inch*9-10mm (Pack of 100) A really great treat for your dog. These assorted munchy chews come in a packs of 100. Munchy chews help maintain healthy teeth and gums by scraping away the plaque and tartar build up Encourage chewing and helps to relieve boredom and can be given to your dog to reward good behaviour.
Chicken Legs 115 mm (Single) Chicken Legs 115 mm (Single)
In stock
Chicken Legs 115 mm (Single) A munchy bone wrapped in hide for a great tasty treat.
Hollings FILLED Smoked Shank Bone 8 inch Hollings FILLED Smoked Shank Bone 8 inch
In stock
Hollings Filled Smoked Shank Bone This is a natural bone product and could splinter. Supervise at all times. Always ensure there is plenty of fresh water is available. Composition Beef bone Analytical Constituents Protein 22%Oils 3%Crude fibre 3%Crude Ash 52%

Delicious dog treats and chews; Your dog is going to love you even more!

We all love to treat our dogs occasionally, and dog treats can be a useful training reward. We have lots of tasty morsels to offer your canine companion, from muzzle-watering goodies to super healthy snacks.

What you choose to give your dog as a treat is completely down to you, when it comes to snacks for dogs, treats and bones, there’s a huge choice of delicious rewards to choose from. These range from meaty delights to Vegan Dog Treats - the choice is yours!

When you look into those puppy dog eyes, it can be tempting to give in and offer your dog far too many treats. It’s important not to get carried away, as overfeeding can lead to canine obesity problems. The treats you give fido should be factored into their daily food allowance.

Treats can be used as a positive reward, and can help encourage desirable behaviours. Some dogs are motivated by fun toys , and others will do anything for a scrummy treat. You need to figure out what type of treats your dog particularly loves, so you might have to try a few snacks until they decide on their favourite. Some fussy fidos will only settle for the very best. Buy treats online now or find out more information below.

We offer treats made by all the most popular Dog Food brands. We stock cheap treats as well as highly nutritious, premium snacks for ultra healthy dogs. When it comes to treats you get what you pay for, high end treats tend to have more goodness in them.

We have products from top brands such as James Wellbeloved, Lily's Kitchen, Hills, Natures Menu, Bakers, Bonio, Fish4Dogs. We have a very wide selection of different products including raw hide, chews, natural treats, pig’s ears, organic treats, roasted bones, antlers for dogs, knotted bones and many more. Our treats come in all different flavours including chicken, turkey, lamb and beef.

Meaty Dog Treats

Misfits, Pedigree and Purina provide a number of baked meaty dog treats. Misfits' Tangly Twists and Scruffy Bites will be sure to make one happy dog. The Scruffy Bites are made with the perfect texture for a dog to nibble on and the Tangly Twists will give your dog great pleasure in chewing on the delicious beef and cheese flavoured twisty treats. Both of these products have no artificial colours or flavours. Pedigree meanwhile offers Cheesy Nibbles, Chewy Slices and Crunchy Pockets available, which are all healthy and also provide a lovely texture for your dog's teeth. This is also true of Purina Adventuros Dog Treats.

Chocolate for Dogs

Who can resist snacking on delicious chocolate? Dogs certainly can't! But human chocolate is toxic to dogs as it contains the chemical theobromine. So, how do you treat you pooch and keep your furry friend away from your Milk Tray? The solution is tasty chocolate drops for dogs. These feature safe chocolate which is theobromine free.

You have probably read numerous sorry tales of naughty doggies who have fallen ill after thieving Easter eggs, Christmas decorations and even entire boxes of expensive chocolates!

Different Types Of Chews You Can Give Your Dog

Did you know that our furry friends can suffer from gum disease and plaque build-up, just like humans? It can be just as uncomfortable and dangerous for dogs as it is to us. We all know the stress of an emergency dentist appointment, so we don’t want that for our precious pets. Dental hygiene is extremely important, even vital for overall good health – a vet will say the same thing! Plus, getting some dental work done on your pooch can be uber expensive.

Though it is good practice to brush your dog’s teeth, there are other ways to keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy - like giving them chews for example. Chewing certain items allows the teeth to be free of plaque, prevent bleeding gums and eliminate that all delightful doggy breath – it’s beneficial to a dog’s long-term health and can prevent illness in the future. Doesn’t your little angel deserve beautiful pearly whites, for that killer smile?

There are many different types of dog chews out there on the market today. It seems there is something for each dog, they are really spoilt for choice. has an extensive collection of toys tailored for each breed of man’s best friend, at great prices too!

Dog Chews

Dog Chew Treats are perfect for the smaller dog dress and a safe option. Dogs go bonkers for these healthy treats, a good option for this is Greenies Dental Treats – they are not only effective in maintaining dental hygiene but they are also free of the nasties, it is truly a guilt free option for the health-conscious owner.

The Raw Hide

For the larger dog breed with big knashers, a good traditional raw hide could be the best option. Not only does this provide hours on entertainment for your dog but it also makes sure to keep those K-9’s sparkling. Before you know it, your little angel will be parading its raw hide around the house like a prize. Try the Farm Foods Impressed Raw Hide for a cost effective and well received chew for your best friend.

The Antler

If you are worried about splinters from bones or a lack of minerals and nutrition. Antlers are a great way forward for a medium to large dog. Antlers are environmentally friendly, cheap and a long-lasting treat that will surely leave your dog with a picture-perfect smile. Farm Foods Antlers are worth checking out for a reliable option.


Sometimes owners cannot stand the thought of having bones in the house but fear not. Have you considered Nylabones? They may not be edible but they work as both a great plaque remover as well as a toy which your dog will surely treasure. Nylabone provides options for all sizes of dogs, no K-9 is left behind here.

No matter what path you chose, make sure that your dog doesn’t go a day without maintaining those valuable molars.

Dog Biscuits

Here at Time for Paws we have a wonderful array of top brands providing the tastiest baked treats for you dog, from Adventuros, Bonio, Foldhill, Misfits, Pet Munchies and Pedigree. Find the best combination of beef, chicken, bacon and more meat flavours to suit the tastes of your canine companion!

Wholesome, heathy and delicious, our carefully selected range of dog biscuits gives your pooch a fabulous treat whilst boosting their wellbeing. Chosen from the Bonio, Eukanuba, Pedigree and Purina DentaLife collections, the biscuits have been formulated by experts to supplement your dog's nutrition rather than to detract from it.

There's no substitute for the best and the best is exactly what your pooch will benefit from with our tasty and crunchy dog biscuits. You will discover low-fat options, biscuits with milk and biscuits to support healthy teeth and gums.

When your best friend deserves a little treat or a tasty snack you can provide a healthy choice without sacrificing the flavour or risking weight gain with empty calories. Expect waggy tails and delighted dogs with our exceptional range of high-quality dog biscuits.

Dog Training Treats

As every dog lover will probably already know, the proverbial carrot works better than the stick when teaching old or youthful dogs new tricks. But carrots are a little bulky to carry around! Training treats provide a much more convenient way to reward your dog and you will find exactly what you need at Time for Paws.

We have chosen delicious dog training treats from the Burns Pet Nutrition, Nature's Menu, Pedigree, Pet Munchies and Scooby Do Collections so you are guaranteed exceptional quality. Our training treats are ooooh so tasty and they are healthy too! Your pooch won't pile on the pounds if you keep rewarding them and there are a variety of flavours and textures to choose from to keep things interesting.

Don't forget to carry your training treats everywhere with you as they will come in handy all the time, take a look at our collection of dog treat bags. Not to mention the fact that your best friend will be very disappointed if you are not at the ready with their favourite doggy snacks after they have been very good indeed! Dog training treats take the frustration out of teaching your dog and ensure that your pooch is happy, healthy and ready to perform!

Treats for your pup

Puppy Treats are a great way to reward good behaviour when they are in the process of learning the rules and exploring the world around them, and with our selection of puppy treats at Time for Paws, you will be able to find some treats which will not only be tasty for your puppies and their hungry little tums but also very healthy and beneficial for their development.

Probiotic Dog Treats

It is all very well treating dogs to a tasty snack, but often this comes at the expense of their health, as the treat may have been made with artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

This is where Feelwell's Probiotic Treats come in. They are completely natural, hypo-allergenic treats that you can happily feed to any dog. In addition, these treats are especially beneficial to dogs that have food intolerances or a sensitive digestion.

Feelwell's Probiotic Treats come in a lamb and rice form for adult dogs, and then a salmon based formula for mature dogs. The lamb and rice treats are a naturally healthy, crunchy treat; great for teeth cleaning and gum condition. They have high levels of Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids to help maintain good skin and coat condition.

The treats for mature dogs take into account the fact that ageing in dogs can cause strain on joints and the immune system, and can lead to obesity and lethargy. These treats therefore are slightly lower in protein and fat and have the added benefit of glucosamine, chondroitin & MSM to help promote joint maintenance and aid mobility. They also have increased levels of Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids to aid the immune system and skin and coat condition.

Our Probiotic Treats do not contain any beef, egg, dairy, soya, wheat or wheat-gluten, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, as these are known to cause digestive upsets in dogs.

Low Fat Dog Treats

We all love to give our dogs treats and those little rewards are essential for training. The low fat dog treats at Time for Paws are the perfect solution and minimise the risk of weight gain whilst still tasting delicious! If your dog understood the facts, they would choose these treats!

It is imperative that your dog does not become overweight. Canine obesity is an increasing issue in the UK and causes a raft of health problems for the affected animals. Snacking between meals is a huge problem for dogs, as it is for people, making those treats that you love to give your furry friends potentially problematic. Happily, we offer low fat dog treats which will help you to keep your dog's calorie intake down.

Selected from the outstanding Burns Pet Nutrition, James Wellbeloved and Pedigree ranges, our low fat dog treats are available in a variety of yummy flavours and so there is sure to be something that your pooch really appreciates. We are confident that you will find treats which your dog really loves but which won't contribute to the formation of an unfortunate spare tyre. Low in fat and low in price, our treats mean you can afford to take the best care of your pooch.

Hypoallergenic Dog Treats

Does your pooch suffer from a sensitive belly? Do dog treats disagree with your pet? Why not try our hypoallergenic treats? Grain-free and formulated to be kind to your dog's digestive system, these are the treats that will make life better for both you and your furry friend.

We have chosen the finest hypoallergenic dog treats from the highly-regarded Burns, Feelwells, James Wellbeloved and Lovejoys ranges. These are the names you can trust to evolve the healthiest recipes for your dog to munch on. You can reward your pet in confidence without the risk of the dreaded runny poo and you can treat your best friend whenever you wish. Could life get any better?

Offering the dog treats you need at the lowest possible prices, Time for Paws is your one stop shop for all of your canine supplies! Why would you go anywhere else?

Natural Dog Treats

At Time For Paws we make sure that we have the tastiest and most nutritious natural treats for all different kinds of dogs. There is no better way to make your dog have the most tail-waggingly of happy and full tummies than with a classic scrupmtious natural meaty treat.

There are also many meat filled bone treats available, which will be a help towards the health of your dog's teeth, gums and jaw. All the treats here in fact carefully formulated with health and diet in mind, so that your dog will be enjoying a tasty treat whilst also taking on enough nutrition and energy for an action packed day.

We have a great range of lovely natural meaty dog treats available from the experts in the business such as Farm Foods, Hollings and Anco Naturals. There is so much to choose from, so that whether your dog prefers chicken, fish, lamb, duck or more, then you will be able to satisfy their needs! In addition, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to be able to treat your dog with as much care and love as possible, and this is why we have many products at low prices in our dog treats collection. Treat yourself to some great deals on healthy snacks for your pooch today!

Healthy Dog Treats

Dogs will eat just about anything but they need a balanced diet in order to thrive. It's always nice to reward your pooch with a few tasty morsels and they don't have to be unhealthy! Our fabulous menu of healthy dog treats features something to please every canine palate!

Selected from the impressive McNeils, Nature's Menu, Pet Munchies, Whimzees and Woof and Brew ranges plus more, our healthy dog treats are packed full of goodness. The tasty training treats, dental treats and chews are the perfect way to pamper your pooch and to ensure that they remain happy, full of life and the correct weight. You will even find beer for your doggy – now that should set his tail wagging!

With a smorgasbord of meaty and fishy flavours to choose from, your pet can enjoy great variety too. At Time for Paws, you will never run out of delicious healthy dog treats and you will find everything you need at the lowest possible prices.

Grain-Free Dog Treats

Grains are natural ingredients but sadly disagree with many dogs' digestive systems. If your pooch has a sensitive stomach, grain-free dog treats are the sensible choice! It's certainly worth trying grain-free options if regular treats are disagreeing with your dog.

Amylase is an enzyme that breaks down starchy carbohydrates and dogs do not have sufficient amounts of it in their bodies to fully break down and digest large amounts of carbs therefore grain-free foods and treats are easier to digest and could help your dog to keep excess weight off. Grain-free foods are also thought to promote shiny coats.

Our grain-free dog treats have been selected from the Anco-natural, Soopa, Acana, Alpha-Spirit ranges plus more, giving you an impressive choice of flavours. Your dog will adore the tasty treats and there is sure to be something to please every pooch.

Dog Treat Bags

It is important to reward your dog immediately after they have exhibited the correct behaviour which means that your treats must be easily accessible at all times. So where do you put them? Well, in our dog treat bags of course!

Dogs are highly food orientated animals and so food rewards provide the most effective way to encourage your pooch to learn new behaviours. But it is vital that those rewards are healthy and don't cause your canny canine to pile on the pounds. Dog training treats are the perfect solution and are formulated to be tasty and yet healthy for your pooch. Simply pop your treats in your dog treat bag and they will be readily to hand but without weighing your pockets down.

We have collection of dog treat bags which we have selected from the excellent Clix Training, Company of Animals and Mikki range. These are the bags which will always serve you well and that you should never leave home without. Sometimes the simple solutions are the most effective ones!

If you'd like to learn more, you can find an excellent guide to the different typs of treats, here.


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