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Dog Ramps

Henry Wag Lightweight Folding Dog Ramp Henry Wag Lightweight Folding Dog Ramp
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Henry Wag Lightweight Folding Dog Ramp This lightweight and durable folding dog ramp is designed to enable dogs to access vehicles with ease eliminating the need to jump or be lifted. Perfect for older or infirm animals the dog ramp folds away to be easily transported. It weighs just 5kg making it easily transportable and with a single strong central hinge the dog ramp is easy to open for use. The…

Choosing the right Dog Ramp for your car

Dog ramps may not be crucial for every single pup owner, but for those in need a dog ramp is an invaluable asset. Whether your need for a dog ramp stems from trying to get a big dog into the back of your car, helping a small pooch manage to get into the car himself or you just want to prevent your shiny car from being scratched, a dog ramp will do the trick.

Dog ramps can also help dogs with poor mobility climb into a car more easily. Why should your dog’s old age mean he has to be stuck at home? As dogs age, they tend to need a higher level of support for their mobility, as sore joints, arthritis and decreasing co-ordination skills can sometimes, sadly, set in. Dog ramps offer a solution which means you won’t damage yourself trying to manoeuvre a particularly large pooch, and they can feel independent and dignified.

Dog ramp buying considerations

We supply a range of dog ramps so that any and all your requirements can be adhered to. Whether you particularly require a ramp that is light, that is outdoor proof, that is foldable, that is classy or that can be used in tight situations, we will have a ramp to suit your and your pooch’s unique needs.

Whether telescopic, bifold or one-piece, our ramps are sturdy, stable and long-lasting. Dog ramps are often needed for outdoor-friendly use for example as you enter and exit the car, and so we stock designs which are all-weather friendly, with high-friction surfaces to help avoid slippage for elderly (or just small) paws.

We understand that you will need to be able to move your ramp with ease, so portability and foldable designs are key to our range. Dog ramps have to survive rugged conditions and rugged care, so our solid builds can keep going time after time, despite the hardships of transport and constant journeying into and out of cars.

Our range of is huge!

Dog ramps are primarily functional, and we know that the function can be very specific to you and your pooch’s needs. Telescopic ramps fold right down into almost nothing, enabling you to maximise space. Bifolds and trifolds fold neatly into a flat-pack design, to maximise space in the boot of your car and to make getting them in and out a quick and easy operation.

Travel-lite designs prioritise weight and size, knowing that you don’t want to be lugging around a burdensome piece of equipment on your jolly holidays. Wooden designs prioritise style and are perfect for getting your pooch onto the sofa or bed at home, as well as for more stylish car entries, whilst many designs still offer the benefits of folding into a small, suitcase-sized pack down.

Buy a dog car ramp online

Buy your dog ramps today with our online sales team to access a huge number of models and designs. Amongst all of our stylish options, you are bound to find something that caters perfectly to all of the unique needs and requirements that you and your pooch have. We offer free delivery on all orders over £25, sign up to our newsletter for exclusive deals and offers.

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