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What are Dog Playpens?

A dog playpen can be an essential tool for helping puppies get used to their environment or to provide a safe space for smaller dogs to play. A dog playpen is used for several reasons. It helps to keep your dog safe and you will know exactly where they are, always. However, it can also make your dog feel a bit safer and secure in their new surroundings. This is perfect for getting a new dog used to your home or even when you must move to a different home. While they are typically used for puppies, they can also be used for small and medium dogs depending on how large the playpen is.

Toys and supplies in the playpen

It is important that your dog enjoys their time in their playpen. This means you should have plenty of toys and supplies inside the playpen with them. For puppies, this means having lots of safe chew toys to distract them from chewing your furniture or even the carpet, and it’ll help them develop stronger teeth.

A bed is also essential so they can take a nap and rest whenever they need to. Smaller and younger dogs tend to sleep throughout the day, so you should place the playpen somewhere quiet and free from disturbances.

Access to food and water

Your dog will also need access to food and clean drinking water. Remember to place a bowl of fresh water to help them stay hydrated and make sure to replace the bowl every now and then. You can also choose when to feed your dog so they can eat in peace.

Why invest in a dog pen?

Containing your dog when you can’t supervise them, a dog pen can be an extremely useful acquisition. Robust and durable, an indoor dog pen or outdoor dog pen will serve you well for as long as you need it and could make all the difference. At Time for Paws, we are delighted to bring you the outstanding Henry Wag 6 Sided Pet Pen With Base which folds flat for easy storage when not in use.

Indoor or outdoor, you decide!

If there are times when you need to contain your pooch, a dog pen could be for you. Your dog will learn to remain calm in their pen and it will enable you to introduce new pets safely before allowing your animals to be left alone together. Young dogs can be confined to a pen at night to prevent them from exploring or destroying your home. Better still, their toilet accidents will be limited to a small area. You can also grab a little peace while you are eating or entertaining guests and keep your pet away from small children.

Choosing the right dog pen

Always ensure that your pen is of a suitable size for your pooch. Your dog should be able to stand up, lie down and turn around inside their pen with ease. Metal pens can sometimes be joined together to form a larger space, if you need to contain more than one dog and you should check your chosen pen for any issues such as sharp edges before using it.

Introducing your dog to its new pen

It’s best to introduce your puppy to its pen from an early age as they will be more accepting of their confinement. Older dogs may require a bribe or several to lure them in and settle them down. Never force your dog into the pen as this will inspire fear and don’t give up if your pet is initially resistant to being confined. If your household is busy and you have several pets, your dog may eventually view their pen as a haven where they can rest undisturbed.

A pen is not a prison

You should limit use of your pen to periods of no more than four hours during the day. It is not a prison and dogs will eventually become bored, leading to behavioural issues. Praise your dog for remaining calm and only confine them to their pen when absolutely necessary.


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