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Dog Nail Clippers

Mikki Claw File (6376153) Mikki Claw File (6376153)
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Mikki Claw File Pedicure Time! Keep your pet’s nails trim and smooth! Perfect for more nervous pets or for smoothing clipped nail edges Heat Treated for strength and durability Made of durable stainless steel The Mikki Nail File is a great alternative for nervous pets or perfect for pampering your pet with a pedicure to smooth the edges of clipped nails. The rough surfaced file is heat treated to…
Mikki Guilotine Claw Clipper For Regular Use (6376152) Mikki Guilotine Claw Clipper For Regular Use (6376152)
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Mikki Guilotine Claw Clipper For Regular Use Keep your pet’s nails trim and tidy Precision cutting blade Ideal for thick or tough nails Blade cap for safe storage Great for regular use Keep out of reach of children. Use extra care when using any grooming aid with sharp edges The Mikki Guillotine Nail Clipper is easy to use and makes trimming your pet's nails simple to do. The precision cutting bla…
Mikki Large Nail Clipper (6376151) Mikki Large Nail Clipper (6376151)
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Mikki Scissor Claw Clipper For Small Pets (6376154) Mikki Scissor Claw Clipper For Small Pets (6376154)
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Mikki Scissor Claw Clipper For Small Pets Precision cutting blades Heat treated for strength and durability Finger rest for extra control Important: Keep out of reach of children The Mikki Nail Clipper has an easy to use scissor action that makes trimming your pet's nails simple to do. The precision cutting blades trim the nail in one smooth action and all Mikki clippers are heat treated to ensure…
Mikki Small Nail Clipper (6376150) Mikki Small Nail Clipper (6376150)
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More InfoThe Mikki Nail Clipper is designed with a safety stop which ensures that you do not cut off too much nail. Also, it has a spring loaded safety lock that allows for secure storage.Directions For UseYour pets claw has blood vessels known as the quick. It is important that you do not cut into this area. It is easy to locate the quick on animals with light coloured claws. For those with dark…
Oster Nail Filer Oster Nail Filer
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Oster Nail Filer Cordless nail filer which is easy to use and quick to work. The battery operated cordless filer with have your dog's scratchy nails smooth and trim in no time. The handy tool comes with a heavy duty grinding stone, medium sanding band and a fine sanding band perfect to file all types of nails from small to large breeds.

Choosing a decent pair of dog nail clippers

All dog owners need a pair of nail clippers to keep their dog’s nails nice and short. Leaving your dog’s nails to grow too long can cause injuries and discomfort for your dog. They can catch their nails and hurt themselves, and also accidentally scratch and injure people if their nails are too long. Dogs can naturally wear their nails down whilst out on walks, but they usually still need them trimmed every so often.

Not every dog owner is comfortable with cutting their dog’s nails. If you don’t feel comfortable enough to do it, that’s OK, you can always take them to your vet or groomers to do it for you.

It’s good to start having your dog’s nails trimmed from a young age, so that they can get used to having it done. The most important thing is to avoid cutting them to short and cutting through the quick. On dogs with lighter nails you can usually see where the quick ends. If you are at all unsure how to cut your dog’s nails, ask your vet or grooming for a quick lesson.

Our range of the best dog claw clippers

We have a few different types of nail clippers to choose from. It’s important to get nail clippers to suit the size of your dog. If you use clippers that are too big on a small dog you may end up taking too much off. We’ve got nail clippers for both small and large dogs. Order online today and get low prices and free delivery on orders over £25 with Time for Paws.


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