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Dog Gates

Bettacare Pet Gate Plus Cat Flap Bettacare Pet Gate Plus Cat Flap
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Bettacare Pet Gate Plus Cat Flap Width: 75-84cm Height: 104cm * Extra tall gate to make an effective barrier for pets. * Includes the addition of a cat flap in the gate door to give maximum flexibility for big and small pets. NOTE: Cat flap has been reduced in size to W 18 x H 16 cm. (Picture shows previous larger cat flap) * Patented double locking handle mechanism. * Pinch free hinge * Patented…

Choosing the right dog gate for your pooch

If you need to stop the progression of muddy paws across your spotless floors, a doggie gate might be just the thing for you to confine your pooch to certain areas of the home. For example, you may not want your dog to go upstairs, and a dog gate will prevent them from going where they aren't allowed.

Any dog owner will tell you that an excitable pup can be a whirlwind of mischief and mayhem if left to roam, and mud and hair everywhere are not the only two problems. Whilst a pup is settling in it’s common for them to have a gnaw on whatever might be lying around, and a puppy gate or dog door can help prevent this.

Our range includes safety gates and dog gate for stairs

We stock dog gates from the excellent pet-focussed brands such as Bettacare and Pet Mate, all of whom are the first on the list when it comes down to the best products for your pup, at the best prices to fit your purse strings.

Bettacare offers dog gates of all shapes and sizes, catering to those with all sorts of different needs (perhaps you have a well-behaved cat who has earned access beyond doggy dearest? In this case Bettacare supply a gate with an inbuilt flap). These gates are a great way to limit your pooch’s access, without making them feel boxed in. Designed very similarly to a baby gate, the bars stop access but leave your doggy with access to see and smell what you’re up to, so they don’t feel too left out.

Pet Mate have been supplying pet products for fifty years – they built the first ever kennel over in their US base in Arlington, Texas. We now stock their great range of dog and cat flaps, in all sorts of different sizes for different breeds of pooch, whether Terrier or German Shepherd. They’re an eco-friendly company who utilise post-industrial plastic products, recycling and repurposing them into many of their products.

We stock everything you need for keeping your canine in one place. We stock the whole journey, from coming through your front or back door, through the house, to their doggie quarters.

Buy pet gate for stairs online today

Prices scales range from under £10 right up to £45, so your budget can be catered to alongside your pup’s needs and your aesthetic tastes. Get in touch with us today to dog doors and crates from us at consistently low, customer-pleasing prices. We also offer free delivery on all orders over £25.

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