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Dog Food Storage

Henry Wag Store Fresh 15kg Henry Wag Store Fresh 15kg
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Henry Wag Store Fresh 15kg Perfect for storing dry pet food, bird seed, horse supplements and poultry feed. It has a wide opening easy access lid which is fitted with a foam seal to keep food fresh. Includes a free measuring scoop which fits inside the lid, great for easy food delivery and portion size control. The lid has a snap lock closure to prevent easy animal access to the food. All parts ar…

Dog food storage containers - keep it fresh!

It’s amazing how much food your dog can munch his way through! Then there’s all of those treats! Food can clutter your kitchen and spoils easily but it doesn’t have to. Our neat dog food storage solutions will keep kibble fresh while ensuring that your home remains tidy and organised.

The benefits of a dog food storage bins

Your dog won’t be devouring an entire bag of kibble in one sitting (hopefully) and so you will need Dog Food storage to preserve the remainder. Proper storage is vital as spoiled food could make your pooch ill. Exposure to the air will accelerate the breakdown of food and reduce its nutritional value. Any moisture in the atmosphere will eventually cause kibble to develop mould. A good container will ensure that your dog food remains fresher for longer, preserving the taste and texture. Food will be protected from insects and animals while dispensing meals becomes easier.

Dog food containers at Times for Paws

The outstanding Seven range features highly practical dog food storage containers which hold up to 15kg of kibble. Essential accessories for any dog owners, the containers keep your pet’s kibble crunchy, fresh and easily to hand. Durable, simple to keep clean and affordable, Seven dog food containers are the discerning choices that will always serve you well.


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