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Dog Door Flaps

Dog Mate Dog Flap Dog Mate Dog Flap
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Dog Mate Dog Doors are suitable for a wide range of dog breeds. Super strong, lightweight flaps are suitable for cats as well as dogs.All flaps are fully brushed sealed with magnetic closure for total weatherproofing and minimum energy loss from the house. The medium and large Dog Mate doors feature robust locking panels for security.Description: This robust door is suitable for Labradors, German…

The Benefits of dog flaps

Giving your pooch the freedom to access the garden, dog door flaps can be excellent investments which are simple to install. Our range features dog flaps to suit most breeds and you will discover both brown and white flaps to match your door. Available in Medium and Large, the Dog Mate dog flap can be locked for security and could make a huge difference to your pet’s life, not to mention yours!

Enabling your pooch to go outside when they wish, a doggie door will be a major boon during toilet training and will reduce accidents in the longer term. Your pet will be less likely to become frustrated and bored if they can use the garden. This will reduce the likelihood of problem behaviour including excessive barking and the destruction of your furniture! Your pet will feel happier and it will be easier for you to leave them home alone when you need to pop out.

Choosing the best dog door flap for your canine

If you decide that a dog flap is right for you and your pooch, do ensure that your garden is secure, especially if your pet is adept at digging or jumping. It is best to fit dog flaps for glass doors and dog flaps for UPVC doors to the rear of your property. This will enhance the security of your home and ensure that your pet is safer when spending time outside unattended.

Always check to make sure that your pet can’t become trapped outside by anything falling in front of the flap. It could be dangerous or unpleasant for your pooch to be stranded in the garden during extreme weather conditions. Don’t fit a dog flap if you have a pool or pond which your dog could fall into.

From small to larger, we have the right dog door for you

It is vital to select a dog flap which is right for both your door and your pet. Check the product listings to identify a flap which is appropriate for the construction and depth of your door. Then, measure your dog to establish whether you require a medium or large flap. Remember, you can lock the flap when you don’t want your pooch to go outside and most dogs will learn to use their own door in double quick time. We offer the superb Dog Mate dog door range


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