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Dog Bowl Stands

Trixie Height Adjustable Standing Dog Bar 4.5 Litre / 28cm Trixie Height Adjustable Standing Dog Bar 4.5 Litre / 28cm
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Trixie Height Adjustable Standing Dog Bar 4.5 Litre / 28cm with 2 stainless steel bowls stand with H-shaped stand, metal, hammer tone finished height adjustable correct posture supports proper digestion with bowl locking, rattle protection height adjustable rubber feet, non-slip

Dog Bowl Stands available to buy online

All dogs are different. But, if there is one thing that most dogs have in common, it is that they love to eat. Healthy, happy dogs love their food and mealtimes are often their favourite time of the day. As a dog owner, you will want to give your animal the very best. You will take your time to find food that they love, taking care to avoid too much fat and to provide all of the protein that they need to stay fit and healthy.

But, have you ever thought about how they eat? Traditionally, dog bowls are left on the floor, filled with food and water. This can be messy. It can mean that your dog is wasting their precious feed or all-important water, and it can even cause your dog pain and discomfort. Dog bowl stands are quickly becoming a popular alternative.

What is a Dog Bowl Stand?

A large dog bowl stand basically is a stand that is raised off the ground, that holds your pet's food and drink securely. Stands are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours, to fit in with your home décor and suit your dog and their needs.

Some elevated stands are a fixed height. Others are adjustable. Some have cut-outs to comfortably hold your dog's bowls, while others have a raised platform to sit the bowls on. Some stands even have attachments to keep the bowl suspended in the air.

The Benefits of Dog Bowl Stands

You do not necessarily need a stand for your dog's bowls. But many dog owners are deciding that they are a better choice for their pet and their home.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using a dog bowl stand is that it makes life easier for your dog. They will no longer have to reach the floor to eat or drink; their food will be at an easy and comfortable height.

This can be especially beneficial if your dog is getting older, has mobility issues, arthritis, joint disorders, or problems with their sight. Bringing their food and water closer to their mouths can help an older dog rediscover their love of eating. It could even help your dog live longer, without aches and pains.

Another benefit of raising your dog's food to them is that it will keep your home cleaner. Dogs get excited at mealtimes, they make a mess, push their bowl around and generally enjoy themselves. This can mean that food is wasted, and your floor is messy. Secure the bowls into a stand, and the stand onto the ground, and your dog will not be able to push their bowl around, no matter how excited they are.

Are There Any Drawbacks of a Raised Stand?

Of course, there could be downsides. While an elevated bowl might be good for small and medium dogs, they may not suit a much larger bread, who would still have to bend, but to an awkward angle, which could cause damage to their spine.

There is also some evidence that a raised bowl could cause bloat, especially in very large dogs. Bloat is a twisted stomach, which happens when food and gas get trapped in a dog's stomach, increasing pressure and the risk of conditions like a stomach rupture. The research on this is still extremely limited, but it is something to consider before buying an elevated bowl.

Another potential drawback is that your dog just will not enjoy eating out of a raised bowl. Like people, dogs like to have routines, especially when it comes to their meals. Your dog might not like change in their area, and you may find that they do not eat as well as they would with their bowl on the floor.

Finding the Right Bowl for Your Dog

Dog bowl stands come in a wide range of different shapes and sizes, and it is certainly not one size fits all. A very high stand might be suitable for a larger dog, or one with specific needs, but it wouldn't be appropriate for a much smaller pet. Your dog feeding station should be the right size for your dog, coming square with their chest so that they do not have to raise or lower their neck to get to food and water.

Getting the wrong size dog food bowl stand can mean that your dog has to crane or stoop, possibly causing damage to their posture, back and neck. Take the time to measure your dog before purchasing a dog bowl stand.

If you need any help finding the right stand for your dog, get in touch with one of our team for further advice.


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