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Cat Harness

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Can you really buy a cat harness?

When you think of Leashes, you automatically think dog - and you’d be forgiven for that as they’re the most common animal to leash! Every cat owner should be able to take their cat out of the house for a walk, and for this to be successful, you need a cat harness. At Time For Paws, we have the Ancol Figure 8 Cat Harness in our product list, coming in a range of colours for your cat to be able to safely walk outside.

Buy cat harness and lead sets

Cats should be able to walk with their owners comfortably and safely and with the addition of a cat harness and lead, they can do just that. You can’t put a leash on the collar of a cat; they’re small creatures that will choke easily when tugging on a lead. A harness goes over their bodies, keeping them balanced and secure while they have a sniff in the great outdoors. Even if you don’t plan to go very far, a harness is going to keep your cat safe from other animals and cars on your walk. It’s important that you understand all the reasons for buying a cat harness, and we have them listed for you below!

All you need to know about a cat harness...

Cats need exercise, but it’s not always safe for your cat to be outside. Walking with a harness and lead will keep your cat healthy and fit.

Walking with your cat helps you to bond with them. You can build a trusting relationship whereby they understand that you are their owner, and you give her the chance to explore beyond the walls of the house.

Walking your cat helps to burn off excess energy and stress. They’ll stay active, chilling out better in the home and satisfied that they are exercised well. Time outside is excellent for feline aggression or anxiety.

Stimulation is so important for cats, so the sensory overload of the outdoors is an important factor in their development. Let them feel the fresh air, the bark of a tree. Let them smell and see the birds and the grass. It’s all vital!

No More Danger

The outside world can be filled with hidden dangers for a cat. Sometimes, you cannot allow your cat to be an outdoor cat without a cat harness to keep her from hurting herself or being hurt by something else.

Get the best cat walking harness

Avoid leashing as you’ll choke the cat, but a harness will distribute the right pressure across the body, making walking easy. It’s also an excellent anti-escape tool for your cat, meaning she can walk without worry! A cat harness can look stylish, secure and safe, and your cat gets the best of both worlds from you. They can go outside without worrying about rogue cats attacking them or cars hitting them if they dart into the road.

Giving your cat the best start in life begins when you are able to offer outdoor walks as well as a comforting indoor environment. Check out our cat harness and leash options today, and you can get started!

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