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Cat Beds

Danish Design Cat Cosy Arctic Bed Danish Design Cat Cosy Arctic Bed
£24.99 - £30.99
In stock
Danish Design Cosy Cat Bed Faux Fur Leopard Print Danish Design Cosy Cat Bed Faux Fur Leopard Print
£23.99 - £33.49
In stock
Danish Design Cosy Cat Bed Paw Print Danish Design Cosy Cat Bed Paw Print
£22.49 - £28.49
In stock
This warm sherpa fleece bed is Purrfect Comfort!

Cat Beds to Help your feline catch some zzz’s

If you own or have ever owned a cat, then you will be familiar with their sleeping routines. Cats like love to sleep for several hours each day. They will choose comfortable, cosy and warm locations and often enjoy being elevated. This is because an elevated position gave them greater security in the wild. There are plenty of places around your home that your cat could choose for its cat bed. Unfortunately, many of these are far from ideal for you including your bed, your cloths, your place on the sofa and, of course, your lap!

If you want to keep your clothes and furnishings clean and free of cat hairs, then it is best to provide your cat with the perfect sleeping solution. A cosy, comfortable and secure place that they can retreat to. At Time for Paws we offer an excellent range of inviting cat beds which will encourage your cat to sleep where you want it too.

Cat radiator beds, cat Igloo beds and everything in between

Our cat beds include heated beds, luxury beds, radiator beds and Iglo beds. Our range will help give your cat that added feeling of security and comfort. They are also super stylish and come in appealing colours and fabrics to complement your home décor. You might also find that our handy cat cradle becomes a moggie magnet. This can be hung over radiators to provide an elevated bed in the warmest possible place. What could be better?

Encouraging your cat to use their bed

You can encourage your cat to use their new bed by locating it close to areas that they have chosen to sleep in before. They may also enjoy their cat bed if is positioned adjacent to where you spend much of your time. If you have more than one cat, then they will appreciate their own beds in their favoured locations.

Buy a luxury cat bed online from Time for Paws

A cat bed is a small investment which can make a big difference. Providing your cat with the perfect place to rest whilst also keeping your possessions free of hairs, cat beds just must feature in your home!


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