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Yumove Dog Joint Supplement Tablets Yumove Dog Joint Supplement Tablets
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Yumove Dog Joint Supplement Tablets You can tell whether your dog needs joint help by answering these questions: has he begun to lag behind on walks? Is he less keen to jump, move and play? Does he sleep more? Does he look stiff or have trouble getting up after he’s been resting? Does he look uncomfortable? If you answered yes to any of the above, your dog may need YuMOVE natural joint supplements…
Yumove Young and Active Dog Joint Support Tablets Yumove Young and Active Dog Joint Support Tablets
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Yumove Active Dog Joint Support Tablets Triple-action joint support for active dogs YuMOVE Active Dog is a premium natural joint supplement for dogs. It supports active and growing joints – perfect for puppies, younger adults and canine athletes. Packed with extra antioxidants and top strength ActivEaseTM Green Lipped Mussel, this unique premium formula aids recovery after exercise, and helps grow…
Yumove Cat 60 Capsules Yumove Cat 60 Capsules
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Yumove Cat 60 Sprinkle Capsules Triple-action joint supplement for cats who are stiff or getting older. YuMOVE Cat is a unique combination of high-strength ingredients to promote mobility and support joint function. It’s phosphate-free, fast-acting and easy to feed. Please be aware that you may receive YuMOVE Cat in our old packaging YuMOVE ADVANCE for Cats for a short period of time. Aids stiff j…

Help your four-legged friend move better with YuMove from Lintbells!

A healthy, active life is a happy one for many cats and dogs. If your pet is a bundle of energy, always at play, then it’s important to make sure they can safely and happily continue to live like that for as long as possible. A good diet and regular exercise are essential, but Yumove products can be a big help, too.

YuMove dog and cat joint supplements

We carry both Yumove for dogs and cats, designed to support joint health and flexibility throughout their lifetime. These are supplements that are added to their cat or Dog Food, to help soothe stiff joints, strengthen joint structure, increase their mobility, and overall help them live and play as energetically as always. The standard Yumove products are for cats and dogs who are older or suffer problems of stiff joints specifically.

YuMove options for both dogs & cats, including Yumove Working dog along with a formulation for young & active canines

Besides the regular Yumove products for dogs and cats, there are other varieties specialised to pets at different stages in their life. Yumove Young & Active, for instance, is designed for younger dogs and puppies, as well as canines who live a very active lifestyle, helping with both the development of strong joints and supporting them through a very active lifestyle.

There is also Yumove Plus, which is an extra strength formula that is designed for older, stiffer dogs, who are starting to lag on walks, are sleeping more, and have more trouble getting up. If your dog is growing more reluctant to walk, run around, and play due to stiff joints, then Yumove Plus might be the solution you need.

Yumove is a fantastic natural solution to improve your pooches mobility!

What makes YuMove so effective that it’s widely recommended by vets across the country? In part, it’s the reliance of high quality active ingredients, including their ActivEase Green Lipped Mussel and Glucosamine for dogs. The Omega 3 in the mussels helps to soothe stiff joints, while the glucosamine helps to build cartilage, offering extra support and strength for their joints.

Meanwhile, these Dog Joint Supplements are also high in hyaluronic acid, an acid that naturally occurs inside the body that, besides keeping skin and hair young and healthy, also helps replenish the synovial fluid that cushions the joints, preventing them from chafing or hurting.

An easy way to support your pet’s health; choose YuMove and you are likely to be delighted with the benefits

To use Yumove cat or dog is simple. Simply find out how much you have to give them and serve it alongside their food. Most pets won’t notice the difference thanks to the natural ingredients. If you want to give your pet’s joints the best possible care, then Yumove, Yumove Plus, and Yumove Advance 360 may be the products you need to take a closer look at. We’re glad to offer multiple Yumove products here on Time for Paws, so check out our selection.


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