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Tribal Dog Treats 130G Tribal Dog Treats 130G
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Tribal Dog Treats These oven baked biscuits are made with natural ingredients and contain no nasties.
Tribal 80% Gourmet Meat Sausage 750g Tribal 80% Gourmet Meat Sausage 750g
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Tribal 80% Gourmet Meat Sausages Grain-Free Complete Wet Food for dogs of all lifestages. Suitable for feeding alongside Tribal Cold Pressed Dog Food.

Discover Tribal Dog Food

At Time for Paws, we stock a wide range of pet foods to suit the tastes and needs of your four-legged companions, including the popular Tribal dog food range. Tribal dog food was created by an Oxford University-educated chemist and designed to match dogs’ feeding and digestion processes.

The Tribal Dog Food Difference

Tribal Dog Food is loved by pets and comes highly recommended by their owners. So, what makes this dog food brand different from the others available? Rather than being cooked in the same way as traditional dog foods, Tribal dog food is gently cooked to retain all of its natural goodness. Rather than being cooked at a high temperature and destroying all the vitamins and nutrients in the cooking process, Tribal carefully cook their ingredients to produce dog food that is full of flavour and packed with vitamins and nutrients.

Tribal Dog Food Features Only Prime Quality Ingredients

As well as being gently cooked to preserve nutrients, there is another big difference between Tribal Dog Food and many traditional dog foods. Tribal dog food is made using prime quality ingredients, including human-grade fresh meat and fish, so you can rest assured that your dog is eating food of the highest quality that is packed with nutrients. Tribal never uses processed ingredients such as meat meal in their products. Instead, your dog will enjoy nutritious food that tastes great and helps them to say in the best possible health and condition.

Along with prime quality meat and fish, Tribal Dog Food also uses ingredients such as egg, sweet potato, and herbs to make mealtime extra-tasty and even healthier for your dog.

Hypo-Allergenic Ingredients Suitable for Even Sensitive Stomachs

Is your dog a fussy eater? Maybe they suffer from excessive flatulence, allergies, or digestive issues. The great news is that Tribal may help to alleviate some of these issues and help your dog to feel in optimum health. Here’s how Tribal dog food could help your dog to feel better:

Tribal’s fresh-pressed dog food makes it easier for your dog to digest; as it is cold-pressed, it does not swell up in your dog’s gut like traditional, extruded food. Instead, Tribal dog food is able to break down slowly and gently, minimising the risk of your dog developing flatulence, sickness, and uncomfortable bloating after eating.

Eating fresh meat rather than meat meal means that your dog is receiving protein that not only has a high nutritional value but is also far easier to digest.

Tribal dog food is free from ingredients that can cause allergies in dogs, so the chances of your dog developing a reaction to their food are minimised. Tribal products are free from common allergens, which include grains, chicken, beef, and peas.

Join the Tribal Dog Food Tribe

Why not give Tribal dog food a try and see how it could benefit your four-legged friend? You can find Tribal’s nutrient-packed, tasty dog foods available to buy right here at Time for Paws.


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