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The Golden Paste Company

TurmerEase Pet Supplement - Turmeric Chicken Slices 300g TurmerEase Pet Supplement - Turmeric Chicken Slices 300g
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TurmerEase Pet Supplement - Turmeric Chicken Slices 300g TurmerEase Pet Supplement was awarded HIGHLY COMMENDED in the BETA International Innovation Awards 2019 JOINT HEALTH Supports the body's natural inflammation processes. MOBILITY Helps the integrity of the natural defence mechanisms. DIGESTIONSupports the micro-flora naturally occurring in the stomach and aids digestion. COAT AND SKIN Contain…

Golden Paste for cats and dogs

Assuming you have not spent the last few years living under a bridge, you’ve likely been told about the incredible health benefits of turmeric. You have likely enjoyed a turmeric latte or chai tea. You have likely eaten more of your fair share of dishes that contain this incredible spice. But did you know that you are not the only one who can enjoy the scientifically proven benefits of turmeric? Your pets can also enjoy the many benefits of this naturally antioxidant and anti-inflammatory spice too with Golden Past!

At Time For Paws, we are delighted to offer products from the Golden Paste Co. including Golden Paste in 100g and 200g pouches.

What is Golden Paste?

Golden Paste is a 100% natural dietary supplement for pet owners who want to go the extra mile to protect the health of their dog or cat. Not only can it provide a wealth of health benefits, it can also make their food even more delicious and appealing.

Full of bioactive compounds, fragrant and delicious, Golden Paste is a great way to supplement your pet’s diet and keep them at optimal health.

100% natural ingredients

Your pet deserves the best! And Golden Paste contains a host of naturally sourced ingredients to ensure that they get peak nutrition from this product.

  • Turmeric- Golden Paste use high-quality turmeric that has not been irradiated or steam treated- therefore preserving the key components, with a minimum 5.1% curcumin level
  • Coconut oil- Golden Paste contains cold pressed, organic coconut oil which helps to prevent dental and skin problems while helping to ensure a healthy coat.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar- Apple cider vinegar contains compounds such as quercetin to maintain digestive health.
  • Black Pepper- A tiny pinch of cracked black pepper enhances the taste while also bringing a little extra antioxidant power.
  • Ceylon Cinnamon- A sprinkling of Ceylon cinnamon also helps to enhance the flavour while also helping to regulate your pet’s blood sugar and reduce insulin resistance. Great for weight management!

Health benefits of Golden Paste

Golden Paste uses the power of some of nature’s most marvelous medicinal compounds to keep your pet in peak health. It is designed to supplement any diet, and give your pet a wide range of potential health benefits including:

Improved digestive health

Turmeric has been linked to better gut health and improved digestive efficiency in humans and their pets.


Inflammation is at the heart of a range of chronic diseases including arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease. All the above can afflict your pet.


Just like us, our pets’ bodies can become damaged by free radicals in their diet and environments. The antioxidant properties of Golden paste can help to keep them in great health throughout their lives.

Feeding Guidelines for pets

Cats & Small Dogs:

Add a pea-sized amount for the first week. Increase to ¼ teaspoon twice a day.

Medium Dogs:

Add a pea-sized amount for the first week. Increase to ½ - ¾ teaspoon twice a day.

Large Dogs:

Add a pea-sized amount for the first week. Increase to 1 teaspoon twice a day.

Buy Golden Paste from Time For Paws

Give your pet the benefits of Golden Paste today!


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