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Company of animals

Clix 3 In 1 Slip Lead Clix 3 In 1 Slip Lead
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CLIX 3 in 1 Slip Lead The CLIX 3 in 1 Slip Lead is an all in one dog training solution. It can be used as a head collar or slip lead to prevent pulling, or as a fixed collar and lead for general exercise. The slip lead is a one piece lead made from the finest polyamide, stainless steel stop ring and a loop for holding. This lead is extremely durable and weather resistant, but still soft and comfor…
Clix Recall Long Line Clix Recall Long Line
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CLIX Recall Long Line The recall line allows the dog to be seemingly free and yet remain under control, combining security with freedom. An essential tool for recall training and ideal for controlled socialisation of puppies and aggressive dogs.
Clix Treat Bag Pro Clix Treat Bag Pro
In stock
CLIX Pro Treat Bag -We caanot specify colour. With generous storage and an abundance of stylish features, this multi functional treat bag has been designed for the enthusiastic and serious dog owner / trainer. A wide opening to the main pouch ensures easy access to treats, whilst the magnetic popper and drawstring fastening provide additional security where necessary. There is even a sealed, hidde…
Company Of Animals Coachies Training Treat : 200g Company Of Animals Coachies Training Treat : 200g
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COACHIES Adult Training Treats 200g Coachies Training Treats have been a favourite among dog owners for 10 years and now they can continued to be enjoyed with our new improved recipe. The treats are oven baked to lock in nutrition and flavour and with no artificial colours, flavours or added sugars making the New Coachies Training Treat the healthiest way to train your dog. These tasty miniature m…
Company Of Animals Coachies Treat Bag Company Of Animals Coachies Treat Bag
In stock
COACHIES Treat Bag The Coachies Treat Bag is ideal for all reward-based training methods and can easily be attached to any belt or pocket. The bag features a wide opening to allow easy access to treats, whilst the secure drawstring prevents spillage and helps to keep contents fresh. There is also a handy pouch to carry accessories.
Company Of Animals Double Dog Coupler Company Of Animals Double Dog Coupler
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Company of Animals Double Dog Coupler The Double Dog Coupler attaches to your own lead allowing you to walk two dogs together. Fully adjustable to allow for maximum flexibility.
Company Of Animals Interactive Feeder Company Of Animals Interactive Feeder
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Green is a revolutionary way to turn a dog’s meal into a challenging game. Many dogs lack mental stimulation which can lead to boredom and unwanted behaviours such as chewing. The Green keeps dogs mentally stimulated during feeding time, helping to reduce these behaviours. How does it help? The Green slows down eating time which can reduce the risk of bloat* - a potentially fatal disease for any d…
Company of Animals Pet Corrector Holster For 50ml Size Company of Animals Pet Corrector Holster For 50ml Size
In stock
Company of Animals Pet Corrector Holster For 50ml Size Belt holster to hold your Pet Corrector

Top pet products from Company of Animals

Helping pet owners to live happily with their animals, Company of Animals showcases the impressive inventions of Dr. Roger Mugford. This celebrated animal psychologist created the Halti no pull harness. Now, the Company of Animals range features a wonderful variety of treats, supplements, dog toys and accessories.

Tell me more about the Company of Animals?

The Company of Animals non pull harness proved to be hugely successful worldwide and the business has gone on to produce a comprehensive range of pet products that you shouldn’t be without. The company’s headquarters are located on a working farm in Surrey and boast The Training and Behaviour Centre. This gives Company of Animals the unique benefit of being able to continually research and test new products for pets.

The well-being of the animals drives everything that this organisation does. The Company of Animals serve pet owners and their treasured animals well. At Time for Paws, we are delighted to bring you this exciting range.

The latest products from Company of Animals your pet needs in their life!

We have chosen the latest accessories from Company of Animals for you to choose from including harnesses, headcollars, dog couplers and training leads. Walking and training your dog will become much easier and you should also invest in the fabulous Coachies training treats together with the revolutionary Pet Corrector. The Pet Corrector is a wonderful training aid which emits a hiss that dissuades animals from engaging in unwanted behaviours including barking, jumping and stealing food.

Life with your pet could be transformed by the innovative Company of Animals collection. For every problem there is a solution and Dr. Roger Mugford has been determined to find those solutions. The team at Company of Animals has continued his work, evolving must-have pet accessories that can make all the difference.


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