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Bob Martin Felight Febreze Concrete Cat Litter 10 Litre Bob Martin Felight Febreze Concrete Cat Litter 10 Litre
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Bob Martin Felight Febreze Concrete Cat Litter 10 Litre Felight with the power of Febreze Our freshest odour neutralising cat litter eliminates odours for up to 10-days!* Fresh Felight Using patented SilverFresh™ technology, Felight delivers a high performing cat litter with fast-acting absorbency that helps to prevent odours. What is SilverFresh™ technology? Silver has been used for the treatment…

Bob Martin Pet Medicine, Healthcare, and Hygiene Products

The Bob Martin brand is synonymous with high-quality pet care products. This well-established brand has long been a favourite with pet owners looking for trusted hygiene products and reliable healthcare solutions to common pet problems.

Bob Martin products are used by pet owners across the world but are manufactured here in the UK at their factory in Somerset. Each medicinal product that Bob Martin manufactures undergoes rigorous testing by veterinary experts to ensure that it is safe to use.

The History of Bob Martin Pet Care Products

Back in 1892, Robert Martin founded the Bob Martin brand. At this time, many pets survived by eating leftovers and scraps from the family meal. Robert Martin started the Bob Martin brand based on the idea that pets need supplements to be healthy. The first product launched by Bob Martin was conditioning tablets for dogs. To this day, Bob Martin continues to produce high-quality products designed to keep pets healthy and happy.

The Bob Martin product range may have expanded since the Victorian times, but over one hundred years since the brand first launched, Bob Martin continues to stay true to its values and produces pet care products that are of the highest quality while also remaining affordable.

Trusted Pet Care Products, Assessed by Veterinary Experts

As pet lovers, the team at Bob Martin works hard to ensure that each product in their range is both safe and works as effectively as possible.

Before being sold, Bob Martin products undergo strict quality control checks along with regulatory and licensing testing. These detailed assessments ensure that the products are safe to use. The veterinary medicines produced by Bob Martin in the UK are regulated and approved by the governing body for animal medicines, the Veterinary Medicines Directorate.

This rigorous testing provides pet owners with peace of mind and the knowledge that the products are both safe to use and will keep their pets healthy and happy.

Bob Martin Cat Litter

If you are looking for a cat litter that provides long-lasting odour elimination, is friendly to the environment, and antibacterial, you need Bob Martin Felight Febreze Cat Litter. This Bob Martin Cat Litter features Felight Febreze concentrates and can keep odours at bay for up to 10 days.

The inclusion of SilverFresh™ technology provides antibacterial properties and traps the smell often associated with cat litter. 

Bob Martin Flea Spray

Spotting fleas on your cat or dog or noticing them in your home is a sight that many pet owners dread. Keeping these unwelcome guests out of your home may seem like an impossible task, but Bob Martin flea spray makes it much easier by tackling each stage of the flea lifecycle.

Bob Martin Wormers

Worming your cat or dog is essential to keep them healthy. There are not always obvious signs that your pet has been infected with intestinal worms, so preventative treatment is a must. Bob Martin wormer products effectively eradicate all common intestinal worms.


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