Dogs, just like humans can be susceptible to all sorts of allergies, upsets and irritations when it comes to digesting food. This can of course be really distressing, not just for your pet itself but for you as an owner.

Whilst your poorly pup has to deal with the issue at hand, you have to try to figure out what the existing issue seems to be. Along with vet visits and a food process consisting of lots of trial and error, this can end up being costly and often feels like such a struggle. This is where Burgess Sensitive steps in.

Unique in its approach and aimed specifically for doggies with delicate digestive systems, there’s a reason why Burgess Sensitive is consistently praised by owners of all kinds of dog. Offering products with tummy friendly types of meat along with an elimination of gut-wrenching grains, this is also a premium brand with a less than premium price tag.

About Burgess Sensitive

If you want to provide your pooch with locally sourced, premium ingredients, then Burgess Sensitive will see you right. As a British owned company, working within the food and agricultural industry for over 300 years, they have established connections with some of the best British food providers.

Using the highest quality, meaty ingredients, there is no compromise on taste or nutritional balance. They also pride themselves on providing your pooch with essential nutrients whilst aiding the digestive process. So you know that just because your dog has a sensitive tummy, they won’t be missing out when it comes to flavour!

Sprinkle in some extra prebiotics and fatty acids, and the results are flourishing skin and a healthy gut. There are no nasty additives here.

The Burgess Sensitive range and products

As Burgess Sensitive chooses to source local ingredients, their range is made up of favourite British meats; Turkey and Lamb, along with a Scottish Salmon option.

If you’re looking for something that goes that one step further and delves into the free from world, the lamb and rice option has got you covered as it’s made without wheat and gluten. This makes it even easier on your pals tum.

If you’ve realised from a young age that your puppy requires a sensitive diet, then there is a specific puppy range available. This is designed to be introduced into your little ones bowl at a gradual rate to ensure they get used to the change.

There is also a range on offer for those with dogs of a more adult nature. A gradual introduction from their previous food choice is also advised, over the course of 5-7 days.

Each product line includes of both a 2kg and a 12.5kg option.

Buy Burgess Sensitive online today

Get Burgess Sensitive online today by heading on over to Time for Paws. Their team of animal lovers make it their mission to bring affordable nutrition directly to you. No more taking time out of your schedule to go to your local pet store and lug around heavy bags of this nourishing goodness. What’s even better is that Time for Paws offer free delivery on all orders over £25, making it even easier to order in bulk!