Burgess Pet Care is a company with a history stretching back more than 300 years. The story began with the opening of a milling business in 1649 but in the last century Burgess stopped milling flour and established an animal feed business instead. Since then, the company has earned itself an impressive reputation for excellence and it delivers high quality foods for the nation’s favourite pets.

Burgess’ foods are evolved using the expert knowledge of their in house vet and nutritionist. The company also works closely with researchers at several British universities. This co-operation ensures that Burgess’ foods always offer optimum nutrition for animals. This fine range Includes Burgess Sensitive for dogs which is the perfect choice if your pooch has a sensitive digestive system. This carefully formulated food does not feature any ingredients which could irritate the digestive tract.

Burgess also produce outstanding food and bedding for small animals. The Excel collection features rabbit food, guinea pig food, treats and Excel Birch Bark Herbage which is ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus.

Burgess certainly deserve its fine reputation. The Burgess team always strive for excellence and deliver impressive products which help to keep our most popular pets happy and healthy.


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