Bonio dog biscuits have been setting tails wagging for more than 80 years. Since 1932 these crunchy treats have been delighting dogs everywhere and they have always been made in the same factory. That’s a lot of history and an absolute mountain of dog biscuits!

The biscuits are made from 25 carefully chosen ingredients and then baked to perfection to produce their impressive flavour and wonderful texture. Dogs simply love them and that is a good thing because Bonio dog biscuits are also healthy. They are highly nutritious and their crunchy texture helps to keep teeth and gums in tip top condition by scraping plaque away and reducing tartar build-up.

More about Bioni Dog Treats

These delicious biscuits and treats with meaty and chicken flavours continue to be firm favourites and your dog will thank you again and again if you keep your cupboard stocked with Bonio! This fine range naturally had to feature here at Time for Paws and we bring the biscuits to you at the lowest prices. Go on! Give your dog some Bonio treats. You’d be marking mad not too!