How Should A Perfect Dog Behave?

Dogs / Monday, May 23rd, 2016
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How Should A Perfect Dog Behave?

How should a perfect dog behave? This is a very difficult question, because dogs can be so different and they are used for lots of different purposes. For example, the definition of the perfect lap dog might be very different to the definition of a perfect guard dog. However, there are some things that all dogs should learn in order to be able to behave in an acceptable manner.
Cannan Dog Sitting how should a perfect dog behave

All dogs should learn the basic commands such as sit, down, stay and come. These are things that are not just useful, but important for safety reasons. It’s nearly impossible to find a ‘perfect dog’. Even the best behaved dogs have their flaws. If you could imagine a perfect dog, what sort of things would they do? In a perfect world, we think all (pet) dogs would do the following things:

  • Sit and stay.
  • Come when called, not when they want to.
  • Walk nicely on the lead.
  • Be sociable and friendly with people, other dogs and animals.
  • Know all the basic commands, and a few impressive tricks.
  • Be perfectly fine and at ease when left alone.
  • Only bark when necessary.
  • Only chew toys and dog chews, not carpets and sofas.
  • Be toilet trained and have no accidents.
  • Alert their owners to danger.
  • Wait patiently for dinner.
  • Not steal food, even when owner is out of the room.
  • Know how to approach other dogs nicely.
  • Provide owner with unconditional love.

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