7 Reasons Why Some People Prefer Dogs Over Cats

Dogs / Saturday, March 26th, 2016

Dogs are better than cats, agreed?

The argument over whether cats or dogs are better is a heated one. A lot of people are either die hard cat or dog lovers, and aren’t willing to budge on their opinions. Cats and dogs suit different people for a variety of different reasons.

If you are currently trying to decide whether to get a cat or a dog, this article might help. See whether you like some of the main qualities that dogs have, which as listed below. Here’s 11 reasons why some people prefer dogs over cats.By Don Wecua (Wecua) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

They completely depend on you


Dogs completely depend on you, for some people, this can be too much. However, other people really enjoy looking after an animal that relies on you and needs you.

They get you out the house every day


Dogs make you leave the house every single day, whether you like it or not. Cats don’t need to be walked, but dogs do, so dog owners get to go outside and benefit from fresh air and exercise every day.

You can exercise with dogs


You don’t see many people out running with their cats…Dogs provide an opportunity to exercise, whether it’s going on a walk, playing in the park or taking part in a dog sport.

Dogs can be more loving


Cats are very independent, and usually return home for food and shelter. Some cats are different, and can be very affectionate, but on the whole, dogs are more loving and devoted to their owners.

They are less likely to scratch you (on purpose at least)


Some cats can scratch, sometimes even on purpose. Dogs may scratch you accidentally when they jump up or during playtime, but they won’t usually do it with intent.

They can help guard your home and protect you


Dogs can make excellent guard dogs and are handy if you want to feel safer in your home. They will bark and put off intruders, and do what they can to protect their human family.

Dogs help you make friends


If you have a dog then you will probably end up chatting to other dog owners whilst out on walks, which is a great way of making friends.

You always get a lovely welcome home from dogs


There’s nothing better than the welcome dogs give you when you return home. Some cats will come up and greet you, but not quite in the same way.

Dogs can do useful jobs


You can get working dogs that can do very useful jobs, such as guarding, herding and search and rescue. You can also train your dog to do certain jobs whereas cats tend to just do as they please.

Dogs can be heroes


You hear amazing stories of dogs being incredibly brave and saving people, and not many stories of cats doing the same thing.

Dogs are very loyal


Finally, dogs are very loyal pets and will stay by their owners side through thick and thin.

One Reply to “7 Reasons Why Some People Prefer Dogs Over Cats”

  1. tbh reasons like this sometimes lead me to believe that humans are more likely to prefer machines over real living beings–like in Detroit: Become Human. I see dogs like the android mahcines while cats as deviants–independent and able to act on their own while still being capable of love.

    Not that I’m saying dogs are only there to serve humans and humans only see dogs as servants to satisfy their own happiness, but I’m saying that there is a large number of people who think this way.

    I just like to think that there is no better mammal between dogs and cats. In the end, we are all animals. What makes one species better than another?

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