Beta Dog Food

Every pet owner wants to make the best choices for man’s best friend; to keep them happy, healthy and in the best of spirits. BETA pet foods provide a 100% complete, balanced nutritional formula for your pooch’s every need.

Rich in meat that your dog’s system is naturally made to digest (and will prefer eating), BETA provides the whole range of nutritional benefits your dog’s tum requires, both to keep him in tip-top shape and to keep him a happy ball of fur.

About BETA

Owned by Purina, BETA dog nutrition offers a broad range of dog-centred food stuffs, all fitted to the every needs of your perfect pooch. The superlative nutritional balance offered by BETA products means that your dog is healthy and happy, and that your wallet is a little happier too!

After only one month of feeding your pup BETA products, good bacteria “bifidobacteria” are likely to already have multiplied 100 times in your pup’s gut, which adds up to aid and support your dog’s healthy digestive system.

BETA recipes have in fact been clinically proven to help increase the number of good bacteria in your pup’s gut and therefore improve his digestive health. This is down to the fact that BETA products are formulated with chicory in the recipe – a great source of natural prebiotics

The BETA brand range and products

BETA offers a wide variety of dog foods, which can cater to all of the specific needs of your dog, according to their age, breed and any tummy sensitivities. Whether you’re trying to find doggie nutrition that’s the best fit for your puppy, something to suit your active adult dog or something to keep an older grandpup happy in his golden years. BETA offers a perfect nutritional solution which supports the continued growth and energy of your pup, whatever his age and however young and playful his companions!

The adult products are specially formulated to provide a steady release of energy through the presence of B Vitamins, which provide the essential minerals alongside high levels of protein, which helps to build strong muscles as well as strong teeth and bones.

Whether your doggie has sensitivities resulting in a delicate stomach, whether he has allergies or whether your man’s best friend eats like a horse (and perhaps could do with losing a few pounds?), BETA will have an appropriate product to suit both your and your pooch’s needs.

Buy BETA online today

If you’re ready to try a new nutritional solution with your pup, why not try BETA’s products today? Whether old greying hound or young pup, adventurous explorer or cautious home-bird, lightning slim or stocked up on sausages, eats everything or product-sensitive, energy-filled bounder or log-fire lounger, BETA nutritional products have been made to suit every specific nutritional need of your unique pup, whilst remaining affordable for you too, so you both get the best outcome! Buying online means we can cut out the middleman, which in turn means that we can stock the best products at the best prices for you. This also ensures the product gets to you even quicker! So why delay – get in touch today and order your BETA products.