Beaphar Fly Guard 3 Month (75ml)

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Beaphar Fly Guard is a veterinary medicine for preventing flystrike in rabbits and guinea pigs. Best used in early summer before flies are seen, it contains ivermectin, which kills the tiny maggots before they can cause damage. Case of 3 Active Ingredients: Ivermectin 0.5 mg/ml. Remove any faeces attached to the fur or skin before treatment and ensure cages or hutches are free from attractive, smelly bedding material. In order to work out the necessary dosage rate, you first need to weigh the animal. Then follow the dosage below: 0.5kg - 1kg = 5 pumps 1kg - 1.5kg = 7 pumps 1.5kg - 3kg = 9 pumps >3.0kg = 15 pumps Spray from a distance of approximately 15cm. Spray onto the animal’s rear end, from the middle of the back to the tip of the tail. Top Tip: Treat in early summer, before flies are seen. Repeat treatment every 3 months for continued protection.
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