Beaphar Flea Repellent Powder For Dogs & Cats 30g

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Beaphar Flea Repellent Powder For Dogs & Cats 30g

Beaphar Flea Repellent Powder is a grooming powder composed of Diatomaceous Earth and containing Margosa. Acts as both a repellent & as a mechanical deterrent as it dehydrates fleas. Suitable for cats and dogs over 12 weeks of age.

Size: 30g

How to Use

Only use when your pet’s coat is dry. Stand the animal on a sheet of paper or outdoors, and comb the animal’s coat the wrong way to expose the skin underneath. Apply the amount of powder, as detailed below, directly on to the skin. Brush excess powder out of your dog or cat’s coat straight away and brush all the powder out after 30 minutes. Do not allow your cat or dog to groom until this is done. Do not use the powder more than twice a week.

For cats: Use 8g of product.

For small dogs (less than 7 kg): Use 4g to 8g of product.

For medium-sized dogs (between 7 kg and 15 kg): Use 8 g to 12g of product.

For large dogs (between 15 kg and 30 kg): Use 12g to 16g of product. For very large dogs (over 30kg): Use 16g to 24g of product. After use, examine site of application periodically as occasionally a sensitive animal may experience localised irritation, in which case bathe the area with a mild, non-insecticidal shampoo. If symptoms persist or your dog or cat becomes unwell, consult a Veterinary Surgeon, if possible taking this pack.

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