Beaphar Care Plus Senior Rabbit 1.5kg

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Beaphar Care Plus Senior Rabbit 1.5kg

Especially formulated for older rabbits, the pellets are low in calcium to prevent kidney and bladder problems. Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Green Tea Extract and Ginseng are added, which are important antioxidants that contribute to the rabbit’s natural defenses. A low protein content and no added sugars help to prevent obesity in less active older rabbits. Also contains an extra high crude fibre content for digestive health.

How to Use

Because the feed is so palatable, your rabbit should readily take to it. However, it’s important to change gradually from one feed to another, so mix some old and new feed together for the first few days.

The daily amount of CARE+ to give is dependent upon the size and weight of your rabbit: Small/mini-Pole & Dutch Dwarf approx. 60g, Dutch Lop-ear approx. 65g - 195g, Rex approx. 120g, Belgian Hare approx. 130g, French Lop-ear approx. 165g. Flemish Giant & English Giant approx. 195g. These quantities should preferably be split up into two meals.

Fresh drinking water should be given daily and the rabbit should have unlimited access to fresh hay.

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