Applaws pet foods, whether for cats and dogs, provides a range of nutritional options which prioritise delivering health and wellbeing to your dearest dog or feline friend. Applaws are always striving to improve their product and enhance the enjoyability of your dog or cat’s dinner. Applaws continuously review the quality of the ingredients they include, and pay heavy attention to how and where the ingredients are sourced and processed.

The Applaws Complete dry dog food, for example, has recently been updated so as to include 100% fresh, rather than frozen, chicken in the mince. The kibble has also been made less dense so as to be easier on a dog’s digestive tract, helping your pup to metabolise all the natural goodness Applaws can afford.

About Applaws

Applaws chooses to use only all-natural ingredients in its pet foods. Applaws cat food is filled with natural taurine and arginine, which are essential amino acids which are found in high levels in the prime cuts of meat used in Applaws tins, pots and pouches. For the Applaws dog food range, Applaws prioritise high meat content.

The dry food is grain free, as grain is unnecessary for a doggie’s diet, and with 75% chicken to simulate a dog’s natural diet. Doggie tins and pouches are chocker with real meats and fish, which can be a great source of Omega oils.

Applaws never uses cheap and unnecessary additives as filler in their dry food, and only use the finest cuts of breast meat or fish fillet in their tins, pots and pouches. What is more, Applaws ingredients are transparent – they only use the ingredients listed, nothing more, and do not hide ingredients from you.

The end result is a range of tasty, nutrition rich foods that are free from any additives, wheat, soy or gluten. With such a wholesome approach, it’s clear to see that your pooch’s well-being is at the forefront of their minds. And their choice to add natural preservatives in each bag so that it reaches you fresh? That’s just the icing on the very nutritious cake.

The Applaws range and products

The Applaws range for cats proffers luxury products for the discerning cat. If your cat gets bored of the same-old same-old, why not try something new, like luxury paté or cat pot broth? Similarly, in the dog range, Applaws offers exciting options.

As well as the classic dog food in jelly, dog tin or jelly pouch, Applaws offers delicious dog luxury paté, treats and dry foods. Applaws products provide up to 75% meat, whilst some of its competitors include a shockingly small 4% meat. Applaws also makes sure to only include ingredients which directly have a positive effect on your dog’s health – if it isn’t necessary, why put it in?

Buy Applaws online today

Applaws food, whether you are looking to buy for dog or cat or both, offers both nutritional balance and transparency – if you want to know what’s in your doggie’s dinner or feline’s favourite meal, Applaws is a great option. Because all of our stock is available online, buying Applaws from us enables you to buy the best doggie or kitty food that your wallet can handle, at the most affordable price. That’s because we miss out the middleman and get your product straight to you, ensuring a swift delivery too. Why not buy Applaws dog food, or cat food, online today?