Applaws Cat Pouch Multipack 12 x 70g Chicken in Broth

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Applaws Cat Pouch Multipack 12* 70g Chicken in Broth

A fantastic way to give your cat variety, this Applaws cat multipacks contain a selection of chicken recipes

Applaws Cat Pouches In Delicious Broth is great for your pets nutrition


4 x Chicken Breast with Wild Rice (Chicken Breast 75%, Chicken Broth, Wild Rice 2%) 4x Chicken with Pumpkin (Chicken Breast 50%, Pumpkin 25%, Chicken Broth 2%,Rice) 4x Chicken with Asparagus (Chicken Breast 70%, Chicken Broth, Asparagus 5%, Rice)



Natural Declaration

100% Natural, Applaws is a complementary pet food for adult cats, feed alongside a complete wet or dry cat food including Applaws complete dry cat food, for a balanced diet.

100% Natural All recipes inside are 100% Natural!

All Chicken!A Selection of tasty Chicken Applaws Varieties

A Natural Source Of Taurine essential for proper function for the heart and eye health

Made with limited ingredients from as little as 3 ingredients

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