Almo Nature was founded in 2000 by pet lover Pier Giovanni Capellino. He had been working in pet foods for some time and had begun looking at pet nutrition from the animals’ points of view. His entrepreneurial spirit ensured that Almo Nature would produce a different kind of food for cats and dogs.

The company became the first to offer pet foods made from pure, natural ingredients and featuring no additives. The cat and dog food is made from ingredients which are fit for human consumption and which provide the highest quality, tasty and balanced diets. Research continues to ensure that the products continue to evolves and improve so that Almo Nature pet foods are always the best available. These are the foods that your pet would choose - if you let them!

Natural Foods for Cats and Dogs

The Almo Nature range includes wet foods for cats and the impressive Alternative Kibble for dogs. With pouches in a selection of meaty and fishy flavours your pampered cat can enjoy variety as well as quality. Delicious menus including salmon and pumkin, chicken and shrimp and chicken fillet are sure to please. Your dog will adore the meaty taste of Alternative Kibble which is gluten free and suitable for exclusion diets.

Almo Nature food for cats and dogs offers delicious, nigh meat content, all natural choices packed with vitamins and minerals. We are pleased to showcase this innovative range and we are confident that your pets will enjoy tucking in to every morsel!