Does your dog get stressed in certain situations, or are they naturally a little anxious? Don’t worry, Adaptil products can help to make your dog feel more at ease and comfortable. Adaptil offer a range of scientifically proven calming products, that can make a huge difference to your dog’s wellbeing.

Adaptil are the leading brand when it comes to products to help dogs feel calm. They are known around the world and their calming products are used by many vets, daycare centres and rescue centres. For example, a lot of rescue centres put calming collars on the dogs in kennels, to help them feel less traumatised and stressed.

About Adaptil

Adaptil is a brand that specialises in calming products for dogs. Their products contain a chemical copy of the dog appeasing pheromone (D.A.P.). This helps dogs to feel more relaxed because it’s similar to the pheromone released by mother dogs after birth. It helps dogs to feel more secure in stressful situations. Adaptil is a popular and trusted brand that many pet owners rely on. Adaptil products can be used in many different situations, and can help with certain behaviors, particularly anxiety in dogs.

Adaptil collars and diffusers can help with common problems such as car sickness, separation anxiety, fear of loud noises and crating. They help to relax your dog and keep them in a calmer state, so they are better able to cope with scary and worrying situations. Their products have been ‘clinically proven to increase focus during training in puppies and adult dogs, and reduce stress which can lead to inappropriate behaviours in our companion dogs.

The Adaptil range and products

The Adaptil range includes different products to suit different owners and pooches. You can choose a collar if your dog is happy to wear one, or go for a diffuser or calming spray.

The Adaptil collars are adjustable, and you can get sizes for small and large dogs as well as puppies. These products can be used both short and long term, and in many different environments such as indoors, or collars can be worn whilst out and about. Adaptil products have a special scent that is odourless to both dogs and humans, so it won’t give your home a funny smell. Adaptil products are 100% safe and easy to use, and can make a huge difference to your pet’s wellbeing and quality of life.