If you’re looking for a bit more diversity than usual when it comes to your dog's dinners, then check out Acana. They have the advantage of a production site in Western Canada’s vast ranchlands, meaning unlimited access to prairies, fertile valleys and pristine waters. Something that not every brand can lay claim to!

Acana are proud of their regionally inspired and biologically appropriate™ food range and they really pride themselves on locality and freshness of their ingredients. They understand the importance of this for you as the dog owner but also believe your pooch will fall for them too.

About Acana

‘Trusted by pet lovers everywhere’.

This is the mission statement for the Acana brand and they do well to make this a reality. With the ability to produce unique, regional recipes based on the surrounding environment, there is never a need for outsourcing as everything is just waiting at their front door!

They are firm believers in the evolutionary diet and conceive that whilst there are endless varieties of canines out there in today’s world, the internal workings remain the same as their ancestors. So why shouldn’t their dietary requirements reflect this same way of thinking?

From wild-caught fish, to sun-ripened vegetables, these ingredients remain fresh in all aspects of the production process and what’s really important to know is that they make sure to keep their labelling as transparent as the pristine waters on the ranchlands! Raw means raw and fresh equals fresh.

The Acana range of products

There are four ranges available for your beloved best friend and each one has its own unique aspect.

The classic line features foods bursting with 50% meat; free range chicken and wild-caught fish. If you’re especially concerned about your pooch’s shape and are looking to help them shed a few pounds, the low-glycaemic oats in this range can help to assist in this by stabilising blood sugar levels.

The Heritage range focuses on a high protein, low carbohydrate approach with foods consisting of 60-75% fresh quality meat. These come in specialised formulas for your older dogs or smaller pups.

Acana Regional takes a slightly different approach as all the products in this range take on a different regional aspect, whether it be the grasslands or the ranchlands themselves. The heritage of each area is a massive factor here and the ingredients in each of the individual recipes reflects this.

The last product range is the rather aptly named Singles, as each product focuses on one sole animal ingredient, such as Lamb, Duck or Pork. Each meat is combined with local, fresh fruit and vegetables to keep your companion happy, healthy and strong. This particular range also features treats of the same name and is cleverly formula-matched to their dry food counterparts. Who says such quality has to be limited purely to meal times?

Buy Acana online today

As Acana is internationally based, you may not foresee Canada as an upcoming holiday destination any time soon, but this doesn’t mean you can’t get your paws on this special product! You can simply pop on over to Time for Paws and get yours online. With so many mouthwatering options to choose from, you may find yourselves doing exactly that and wondering just why Fido gets to have all the fun at mealtimes…