Acana Pacifica Cat and Kitten Food: 5.4kg

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ACANA Pacifica Cat & Kitten 5.4kg

Reflecting the rich maritime harvest from Canada’s pristine pacific waters, ACANA Pacifica is loaded with Pacific salmon, herring and flounder — all delivered fresh each day from North Vancouver Island.

ACANA’s rich diversity of fresh, wild-caught fish provides a high source of proteins to mirror your cat’s natural diet and nourish her peak conditioning.

Grain-free to reduce unwanted carbohydrates, ACANA features local fruits and vegetables for a rich supply of natural phytonutrients.

Made from our region’s best and freshest ingredients, ACANA keeps your cherished cat healthy and strong – guaranteed!


ACANA Pacifica features an unmatched variety of regional fish that are wild-caught by people we know and trust, deemed “fit for human consumption”, and then delivered to our award-winning kitchens fresh and whole each day!

Fresh whole pacific herring (16%), fresh whole pacific pilchard (13%), fresh whole arrowtooth flounder (8%), whole herring meal (8%), pacific cod meal (8%), whole whiting meal (8%), whole green peas, whole red lentils, whole chickpeas, whole green lentils, pollock oil (6%), fresh whole silver hake (4%), fresh whole redstripe rockfish (4%), whole pinto beans,whole yellow peas, cold-pressed sunflower oil, sun-cured alfalfa, dried brown kelp, fresh pumpkin, fresh butternut squash, fresh parsnips, fresh green kale, fresh spinach, fresh mustard greens, fresh turnip greens, fresh carrots, fresh red delicious apples, fresh bartlett pears, freeze-dried cod liver (0.1%), fresh cranberries, fresh blueberries, chicory root, turmeric root, milk thistle, burdock root, lavender, marshmallow root, rosehips, enterococcus faecium.

SUPPLEMENTS: Choline, Vitamin E, Zinc Chelate, Copper Chelate, Vitamin K.

*Preserved with mixed tocopherols, a tocopherol rich extract of natural origin – Vitamin E and Rosemary Oil.


Crude protein (min.) 37 %

Crude fat (min.) 20 %

Crude ash (max.) 7.5 %

Crude fibres (max.) 3 %

Moisture (max.) 10 %

Calcium (min.) 1.5 %

Phosphorus (min.) 1.1 %

Taurine (min.) 0.15 %

Omega-6 fatty acids (min.) 2 %

Omega-3 fatty acids (min.) 2.2 %

DHA (min.) 1 %

EPA (min.) 0.8 %



Vitamin A 56 KIU/kg

Vitamin D3 2,550 IU/kg

Vitamin E 390 IU/kg

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 78 mg/kg

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 52 mg/kg

Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 175 mg/kg

Vitamin B5 (Pan. Acid) 47 mg/kg

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) 42 mg/kg

Vitamin B12 0.5 mg/kg

Biotin 0.8 mg/kg

Folic Acid 4.3 mg/kg

Choline 3,180 mg/kg

Vitamin K 2.0 mg/kg


Sodium 0.69 %

Chloride 1 %

Potassium 0.9 %

Iron 150 mg/kg

Zinc 240 mg/kg

Copper 25 mg/kg

Manganese 26 mg/kg

Iodine 3.2 mg/kg

Selenium 1.7 mg/kg


Lysine 2.8 %

Threonine 1.5 %

Methionine 0.9 %

Isoleucine 1.5 %

Leucine 2.7 %

Valine 1.8 %

Arginine 2.4 %

Phenylalanine 1.5 %

Histidine 0.8 %

Tryptophan 0.35 %

Cystine 0.3 %

Tyrosine 1 %

Taurine 0.2 %

Methionine-Cysteine 1.2 %

Phenylalanine-Tyrosine 2.5 %


Chicory root 125 mg/kg

Dandelion root 125 mg/kg

Chamomile 125 mg/kg

Peppermint leaf 125 mg/kg

Ginger root 125 mg/kg

Caraway seeds 125 mg/kg

Turmeric 125 mg/kg

Rose hips 125 mg/kg


Metabolic Energy is 4060 kcal/kg (500 kcal per cup) distributed to support peak conditioning with 34% of energy from protein, 42% from fat, and 24% from fruit and vegetables.

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