The Worcestershire Animal Food Company Limited was founded in 1930’s and produced a range of specialist feeds. Wafcol soon had a special place in the hearts of pet owners as its premium sensitive diets have changed dog’ lives.

The Benefits of Wafcol Dog Foods

Wafcol deliver truly pure sensitive diets which have been developed in conjunction with dermatologists and veterinarians. Formulated to be kind to canine digestive systems, Wafcol foods contain a single source of animal protein and only the ingredients necessary for balanced nutrition. Each food is manufactured from the highest quality ingredients and all potentially problematic foods and additives are excluded. There is no rye, corn, wheat, soya, barley, oats, red meat or artificial colouring in Wafcol dog foods.

Wafcol at Time for Paws

Wafcol foods are the perfect choice for dogs with sensitive digestive systems and will ensure that canines remain fit, happy and healthy throughout their lives. We are pleased to showcase Wafcol dog foods here at Time for Paws. Each food features Wafcol’s Ultimate Health Formula which provides a blend of key nutrients including pre-biotics and omega fatty acids. These deliver a raft of benefits including skin care, digestion care, coat care and joint support.

The Wafcol range offers delicious balanced meals for all dogs and features special formulas for large dogs and performance dogs. Wafcol’s varieties are extremely tasty and are the premium choice for dogs with sensitive digestive systems. The winner of Best in Show at Crufts 2016 was fed a Wafcol diet, proof positive that dogs can thrive on this fabulous food.